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Apple Watch Now Works with August Smart Lock

Certain types of smartwatch compatibility just make sense, and Apple is on a great track here by announcing compatibility with the August smartlock.

If you’re behind on the smartlock trend, these are locks that you can manage with your smartphone via Bluetooth and wireless connections. They let you do nifty things like automatic, proximity-based unlocking/locking, distance unlocking, temporary virtual keys, and more. There’s quite a few on the market these days, but August is one of the more mainstream – and one of the most expensive at $250, with a full suite of features and a simple design that easily catches the eye.

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Compatibility with the Apple Watch is about what you’d expect. A swipe and tap on the August app will automatically lock or unlock your door without the need to dig out your cell phone. You can also use the Apple Watch to see who has been using your August lock and to receive alerts when the lock is used, along with who is currently using it.


This is definitely a step in the right direction, but it needs some work. The Apple Watch doesn’t connect directly to the lock, it has to tap into your phone first, which may take extra time. Additionally, plenty of smartlocks come with proximity locks and unlocks that happen automatically – before long, swiping at your smartwatch is going to seem like an extra, unnecessary step.

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Given how anxious Apple appears to be to enter the smart home market, it’s a good bet that more compatibility for other smart security devices will eventually arrive. For now, if you have an iWatch and want to use it on a smartlock, stick with the August lock.

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