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Apple Watch Increases Product Capacity: Due in January

After a pause for technical difficulties, it looks like the Apple Watch project is back up and running. Both G for Games and the Taiwanese United Daily News have reported that problems with manufacturing Apple Watch components have been fixed and that product is scheduled to pick up in early 2015.

The smart watch has already been announced, priced at $349, and connected with several Apple products, including the new Health app. However, reports soon uncovered what looked like production problems that made it difficult to manufacture some of the piece in mass quantities.

As a result, for a brief time it seemed the Apple Watch would be released only in smaller batches to a limited number of people. But the manufacturer, Quanta, has increased its workforce by an impressive 500%, and wants to eventual hire 20,000 workers in total, bringing the expected first shipments of the Apple Watch between a healthy 3 and 5 million units.

In other words, you can expect your Apple Watch to ship around January 2015, without limited releases or too many Apple-based brawls in the streets. This is good news for buyers hoping to pick out a particular style and color for their Apple Watch and worried about shortages in their areas. However, preordering may still be a good idea when the option comes.

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