Apple Watch GPS 44mm Aluminum Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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As number 1 in the best apple watches buying guide, this apple watch series 5 watch is a water resistant watch with about 18 hours of power. It also has a gps cellular feature that allows the wearer to have access to features such as emergency calling without need to access their linked IPhone. Read on to see why Apple creates the best smart watches.

Why We Like It – Apple Watch GPS 44mm Aluminum

The Apple Watch GPS 44mm Aluminum watch is a part of the Apple series 5 watches is simple, stylish, and has plenty of features for people who exercise. With plenty of options for customization, gps and cellular features, and a fast processing speed, this watch is convenient for both emergencies and fun.

  • About 18 hours of battery life
  • Water resistant
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Not made of steel


This watch is essentially a newer version of an apple watch series 3 watch with more features and a faster processing speed along with the same amount of battery life. Both watches have a retina display, cycle tracking, have access to apple music, and have ways to sense the wearer’s heart rate, with this 5 series watch having that feature displayed in the form of the ecg app. However, one difference is that the apple 5 has the fall detection feature while the apple 3 doesn’t.

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Users have the option of changing watch faces or buying another watch face through the app store to change part of the watch’s look. Like some of the Apple Watch Edition watches, there’s an option for it to have a sport band included- a black sport band in this case, although there’s an option for a gold watch with a pink sand sport band too. However, since it has a space gray aluminum case instead of a space gray steel case, it’s easier to break in more ways than just the screen and charging port.

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While it’s much more expensive than the apple watch series 2, it has more processing power, a bigger screen, and more features overall. It’s best to get the series 2 watch if you’re on a tighter budget. Not only will the buyer save money, but that leftover money can be used to buy customizations if the buyer wants them. Otherwise, if the buyer can get the 5 series if they can avoid breaking the watch long enough to feel that spending the money was worth it.

Apple Watch GPS 44mm Aluminum Wrap Up

Potential buyers should keep in mind on how fragile this watch is, especially with how exposed the screen and charging port is. With an aluminum body, this watch is almost completely vulnerable. Aside from that, this watch is versatile with its features and has the memory and processing speed to match.

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