Apple VR Plans: Hype or Protoype?

Apple may be late to the game, but it has no intention of letting the VR market go past unnoticed. Recent reports indicate the company has been gathering experts in VR tech, AR software, and much more to create their own headset.

The rumors suggest that Apple has even created prototypes of a headset to test out. This bears out public patent information that shows Apple has been experimenting with virtual reality technologies for years now. While the company hasn’t made any official reports of this secret team, Apple does seem to have been making a lot of hires in the “virtual” field in the past several months, which suggests that they are getting ready for something big.

While Apple isn’t confirming anything, Tim Cook has been known to say that virtual reality has some interesting applications.

Apple VR Plans
Apple’s patent plans aren’t exactly…advanced.

We reiterate that all this Apple news should be taken with a grain of salt for now. While it’s fun to think that Apple is producing a headset, we have to wonder why it’s waited so long to talk about it, especially since all of its competitors have come out with headsets of their own. Perhaps more likely, Apple is interested in developing software for VR and AR, perhaps making sure that future headsets will be able to support virtual iOS apps and products.

Then again, maybe Apple is working on a headset and is patiently waiting until it can release a product that is obviously better than everyone else’s (the Apple Watch, while not exactly selling like hotcakes, is a good example of this strategy). Maybe we’ll see an Apple announcement regarding their new headset this year after Oculus has been out on the market for a while. Who can guess the best name? iReality? iSee? Apple Vision?

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