Apple Updated Its iMacs Today With Zero Fanfare


The iMac is, despite no longer being the belle of the Apple product ball, still around, still selling, and still getting some attention, albeit less than its flashier, smaller cousins, or the new trashcan on the block. But at least it’s still getting updated. Here’s what Apple has tucked in those aluminum casings.

Faster, Better, Smarter

Cutting through the usual blather about graphics, because let’s face it most of us aren’t buying iMacs for their blazing gaming speed, there’s a pretty nice update in there. To start with, a 2.7 GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor is now the low-end, in the 21.5 inch cheap model, and up to 3.4 GHz in the high-end 21.5 inch and 27 inch models, meaning there’s plenty of speed even in a relatively inexpensive all-in-one Apple computer.

OK, Fine, Graphics

Apple also wants to talk about graphics a lot with this one. Iris Pro is integrated, and you have the option to step it up to the NVidia GeForce GTX 780M, as usual. Mostly this is for users deploying it for the high, high end stuff like video editing and image editing, although Apple hasn’t quite the grip on that market that it used to enjoy as it’s been neglecting Final Cut Pro and other software.

Storage And Memory

Finally, it’s got a pretty long memory for a such a thin device. Apple claims to support some faster flash memory, and you can get it preloaded with up to 32GB RAM and up to three TB for a hard drive. Of course, most of us will only need the single terabyte that comes standard, but it’s nice to have the options.


Speaking of which, if you want one of these upgraded Macs, you can just go get them now; they’re available on the Apple Store starting today at the traditional $1300 and up price points.

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