Apple Theft and Loss Coverage

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Updated March 21, 2023

So you buy an iPhone. It’s beautiful but terrifyingly delicate, so you might want to research the best insurance policy to protect it. On top of the basic warranties, users often like to get extended protection for things like screen replacement and accidental damage. However, iPhone users can purchase Apple Theft and Loss coverage, a feature that comes as an extension of AppleCare+. The Apple insurance feature, which adds around $4 per month, allows users to file two claims of theft and Loss every 12 months. However, there is a $149 deductible that comes when filing a claim.


  • Apple’s Theft and Loss coverage is an extension of the AppleCare+ package.
  • Opting in for AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss coverage increases the monthly rate by close to $4/month and the fixed 2-year rate by $70.
  • Theft and Loss provides a replacement for any phone so long as the claim is filed within 60 days of the incident.
  • The deductible for filing a Theft and Loss claim is $149, and the contract stipulates that the owner is allowed to file two related claims every 12 months.

What to Know About Apple Theft and Loss Coverage

There are several options when finding insurance for iPhones or any other Apple device. You can get insurance through your phone provider, like AT&T protection advantage, but you can also get it directly through Apple.

Insider Tip

Using a larger, bulkier phone case makes it less likely that your phone will be stolen from your pocket or purse.

There are also tiers of coverage. For example, apple offers AppleCare+, a service that promises the manufacturer will replace or fix the device under certain conditions, like accidental damages or manufactural defects for screen repair or battery service. However, the most basic AppleCare+ coverage does not include replacement for theft or Loss.

As you can imagine, what Theft and Loss covers is straightforward. If your phone is stolen or lost, Apple will replace it. But it comes at a cost.

When comparing the two plans, the costs are:

  • AppleCare+ Monthly Plan: $3.99 – $9.99 (Cost depends on the model of the phone)
  • AppleCare+ Theft and Loss Monthly Plan: $7.49 – $13.49
  • AppleCare+ 2-Year Plan: $79 – $199
  • AppleCare+ Theft and Loss 2-Year Plan: $149 – $269

By the numbers, it’s evident that there’s a specific cost consideration, especially depending on how long you plan on keeping coverage. However, to make this decision, there are some essential details to understand before opting into theft/loss coverage.

It’s also important to know that AppleCare+ and the manufacturer’s warranty are separate and cover different instances. For more information on how warranty contracts are set up, you can read our article explaining representations vs warranties.


With any insurance contract, there are always deductibles. For AppleCare+ Theft and Loss, the deductible for filing a claim is $149.


The main rule to ensure your Theft and Loss claim is valid is to keep the Find My iPhone setting on at all times. If the Find My iPhone setting is not on at the time of the incident, the contract is void, and Apple does not have to replace your phone. Apple also states that the claim must be filed within 60 days of the incident. Otherwise, they aren’t responsible.

Number of Incidents

The stipulations of the AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss contract state that users only get to file two claims every 12 months. After two instances of replacement, Apple is no longer responsible for replacement.

Additionally, the same $149 deductible applies to every individual claim.


If your phone has been damaged before purchasing AppleCare+, Apple may assess it and not deem it eligible for insurance.

Claims Process

Policyholders can begin filing a claim in one of two ways. The first is to visit Apple Support or by calling AppleCare+ at 800-APL-CARE (800-275-2273). Before starting your claim, ensure that you have paperwork, proof of purchase, and information that confirms your coverage, as well as details about the circumstances of the incident.

Replacement Device

Apple states that the phone they will issue as a replacement will either be new, refurbished, or remanufactured. However, they claim that the replacement, if not new, will be equal in performance as the phone you lost or stolen.

STAT: Around 70 million smartphones are lost every year. (source)

Apple Theft and Loss Coverage FAQs

Can you cancel AppleCare+ at any time?

This depends on whether or not you have a fixed or monthly plan. The fixed plan is paid upfront and cannot be refunded once purchased. However, a Monthly plan can be canceled anytime, and the user will only have to pay for the current month.

How is the AppleCare+ coverage different than the basic limited warranty it comes with?

The basic limited warranty does not cover any accidental damages. Instead, the warranty states that Apple will fix or replace the phone if it breaks due to manufactural defects. Unfortunately, it does not cover anything beyond that and also expires 1-3 years after purchase.

Do I have to get AppleCare+ coverage right when I buy the phone?

Apple conducts its window for coverage in the same way as many phone carriers. After buying the phone, you can immediately opt to get coverage. Or, you can choose to get it within 60 days. There also might be some older Apple devices that are not eligible for coverage.
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