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Apple Rumored to Announce iPhone 8 on September 12th

Apple iPhone 8 September
Apple is supposedly set to announce their next iPhone on September 12th.

According to a report first posted by Mac4Ever last week, Apple is set to announce (and possibly release) the iPhone 8 on September 12th.

While it wouldn’t exactly be the most shocking news that Apple is revealing its next phone in September – a company staple since 2012 – the article claims that Apple has been contacting telecoms in advance to keep the specific day of September 12th free in their calendars.

Expected at this year’s event is the new iPhone 8, which will supposedly feature an all-screen front that only leaves small holes for the speaker, camera, and LED. But that won’t be the only model hitting shelves this year, with Apple also expected to announce two more iPhones on the same stage: suped-up versions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Other unveilings are said to include the debut of iOS 11, as well as an update to the Apple Watch that could bring LTE connectivity to the wearable device.

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