Apple Macbook Pro 16 Inch Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

When looking for the best macbook for college, users probably want a laptop that has a high speed performance, and the Apple Macbook Pro 16 inch may be such a laptop. This space gray laptop also has a magic keyboard, a lot of disk space, and security features such as touch ID. Read our best laptops reviews to find even more laptops to buy.

Why We Like It – Apple Macbook Pro 16 Inch

The Apple Macbook Pro 16 inch laptop has a quad core Intel processor, a magic keyboard, and a 16 inch retina display to provide great visuals and video editing capabilities. It also has nice additions like a touch bar, and easy access to Apple Pay, Apple Trade, and the Apple Store.

  • Free shipping
  • Good airflow design
  • High quality features
  • Expensive


This 16 inch Macbook Pro is available with an Intel Core i7 processor and the Intel Core i9. Both of these are powerful processors don’t surpass the Apple m1 chip contained in the Macbook Air, but they greatly surpass the Intel Core i5, which is the processor used in the Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch laptop. It also has 16 Gbs of RAM, and the Intel UHD Graphics 630, to offer a visually appealing and high speed experience.

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Due to having SSD storage, it’s easier for users to conserve power for their new macbook pro due to lacking moving parts as well as not taking less time to perform certain tasks in comparison to a traditional hard drive. The battery life is 11 hours, significantly having less battery life than the Apple Macbook Pro M1 13″ laptop, which has a battery life of 20 hours. Adjusting the brightness of the screen is a simple way to make the most of the battery.


This assortment consists of 4 Thunderbolt 3/ USB C ports, and while it’s not the most diverse assortment of ports available to the user without any adaptors, those ports provide fast charging for various devices as well as a fast file transferring speed. It also provides Bluetooth, which somewhat adds even more types of devices that the computer can be connected to, and is especially useful if there’s ever a chance the ports can’t function.

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Build quality

This laptop is actually heavier than it looks, as it weighs 4.3 Lbs., outweighing the Apple Macbook Air 13 inch laptop, which only weighs 2.8 Lbs. However, it’s heavier for a few good reasons: It has a six-speaker system, the high quality built-in microphones, and the woofers that reduce the vibrations that the computer could receive from the speakers. To house all of those nice features, it still has great durability in the form of an aluminum chassis.


The new Apple Macbook Pro features some impressive and incredibly expensive due to most, if not, all, of its features. The huge amount of SSD storage, an IPS screen, the newer Intel processors that the user can choose from, and the overall audio system that consists of 6 speakers, 2 force-cancelling woofers, and a 3-microphone array. Most, if not all of these features are of higher quality, with the laptop being capable of accepting SSD storage as much as 8 terabytes.

Apple Macbook Pro 16 inch Wrap Up

Customer reviews have been mostly positive, praising the new mac for its overall quality, often favoring and comparing it to the previous model to address the improvements. One reviewer mentioned that this model has a better design for airflow to decrease the chance of the laptop heating up from throttling so much.

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