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Even though the new MacBook Air is already out, the base model is still just as good as its successor. This Apple MacBook Air 13 Review highlights why this laptop is in our Best Laptop category, highlighting features such as strong graphics and speakers, along with a powerful CPU. Regardless of issues with the keyboard and redundant features, the MacBook Air 13 makes it to our lists for both Best Laptop for Seniors and Best Business Laptop.

Why We Like It – Apple Macbook Air 13

A fair battery life and quad core processor makes the Apple Macbook Air 13 able to handle any situation. The added touch bar may earn some attention from new users.

  • Beautiful screen and graphics
  • Great speakers
  • CPU brings strong performance
  • Some features feel redundant
  • Keyboard feels too flimsy


The MacBook Air Pro is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, unlike the Intel Iris Plus or other dual core intel processors, the i5 is more than capable of multitasking among several programs. Whether it’s streaming via wi-fi, video editing, or using the iris plus graphics, you’ll have a much better performance than using an Intel Core i3. With the inclusion of the retina display, the MacBook Air 13’s picture is stunningly lifelike, putting it on par with the Acer Aspire E 15


A downside to using the generation Intel Core series such as the Intel Core i7 and i5 is that they demand quite a bit of power. Bringing the charger is necessary with the MacBook Air 13, as it can handle several programs well, albeit at the cost of a shorter battery life. Using the i5 model processor brings a power boost to the MacBook, even more so than the Core i3 Processor, albeit at the expense of a reduced battery life. Should you be in the market for a laptop with a longer battery, the Toshiba Tecra A50-E is a fine selection.


The Apple MacBook Air 13 comes equipped with two Thunderbolt ports and two USB C ports. A rather sparse selection, done on purpose by Apple. Meant to simplify, it comes off more as annoying, as should you need a port for any other USB type, you’ll have to carry an adapter, ruining Apple’s supposed goal of the MacBook Air 13 being an all in one laptop. The HP Chromebook 14 has a much more diverse port selection should this be a deal breaker.

Build Quality

As with others in the Apple line, the build quality of the MacBook Air 13 is second to none, at least with the chassis. Issues with items such as the new keyboard keep it from being perfect. The included butterfly keyboard was intended to help with the slim profile of the MacBook, but in actuality feels clunky to use, other keyboards are much better to type on. Unnecessary inclusions such as the touch bar serve only to drive up the price of the already expensive laptop.


The starting price for the MacBook Air 13 is nothing to laugh at. A serious investment, items such as the new magic keyboard detract from an otherwise great experience. Valuing a slim profile over everything else, should the keyboard design and price not detract you, the MacBook Air 13 is an excellent choice for on the go work.

Apple MacBook Air 13 Wrap Up

Small, slim, portable, this was the intention Apple had when making the MacBook Air 13. More powerful than the Ipad Pro, it seems like the better choice with a solid performance, speakers, and CPU. However there are things holding it back, such as the battery life and weak keyboard. Overall, this is still a phenomenally slim laptop that can work as long as you can, and is worth a look at.

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