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If you’re looking for a fast speed, bright display laptop, the Apple Macbook 13 inch is a perfect choice. This new generation Intel 13 inch MacBook Pro offers a stunning retina display with a quad core processor. Like the Apple Macbook air 13″ (2011) 1.8ghz, the battery life is impressive like all the MacBook Air, and the new magic keyboard is an excellent addition, making this one of the best Apple laptops. With 8 gigabytes of memory, this Apple MacBook Pro can easily handle your video editing, multimedia, movie watching, or any of your laptop needs, while offering a better performance than other 13 inch models.

Why We Like It – Apple MacBook 13 inch 256GB Storage

The Apple Macbook 13 inch is an incredibly thin and light MacBook Air which features a magic keyboard, a processor with up to twice the performance of previous models, faster graphics, touch ID, and a brilliant colorful display with Truetone technology.

  • Fast processor
  • Durable
  • Bright screen
  • A bit pricy


Using an Intel Iris Plus processor, this Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch laptop truly is the best new MacBook Pro. The new Touch Bar allows for a spot on working touch ID feature and the new butterfly keyboard is a nice touch. Although the processor might not quite match the Intel Core I5 or the Intel Core I7, you would barely notice it due to its impressive speed. Similar to the Dell XPS, Perfect as an entry level Macbook Pro computer, or the perfect addition for your everyday multimedia laptop needs.


If you look at the previous models of entry-level MacBooks pros, this new gen Intel Core 13 inch pro laptop is offering a better performance. You can really be impressed with the much better speed, the Touch Bar and new keyboard…all are excellent additions. Like other 13 inch laptops, such as the Macbook Pro 16 this one has the standard USB C ports as well as four thunderbolt ports… A good add on from the previous two thunderbolt ports. The Intel iris plus graphics really allow this screen to pop with bright and colorful pictures.


For most laptop base models like these, Intel processors are going to jack up the price. However, this gen core processor is worth it. Although the amount has not changed much from the original Macbook Pro 2017, you are getting many more features than its predecessors. This price is roughly in line with Apple‘s previous MacBook pros, yet still can be considered an affordable laptop. If you’re looking in this price range for a model that has a new generation Intel Core processor included, it’s definitely worth the money.

Apple MacBook 13 inch 256GB Storage Wrap Up

The new Apple Macbook 13 inch is an incredibly thin and light MacBook Air that features a magic keyboard, faster graphics, a bright retina display, touch ID, true tone technology, and an all day battery life. The 13.3 high resolution display screen is bright and the colors really pop. The CPU Intel core I7 processor is impressively quick and you can store up to 2 TB of videos, movies, pictures, music, and more. Definitely a fantastic buy for those needing a new laptop.

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