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Apple iOS 9 Rumored to Benefit Older iPhones, iPads

As the Apple iOS 9 rumors continue to fly, it looks like those of you hanging onto old iPhones and iPads may be in luck when Apple releases its next big software update.

Apple is in the unpleasant habit of discontinuing software support for devices long before consumers are willing to give them up, essentially forcing people to buy new hardware or sink. It’s a bully-like tactic for those who aren’t obsessed staying on top of the current i-whatever generation, and it looks like Apple might be ready to course correct. According to the latest iOS 9 rumors, the iOS update will include legacy support for older generations of mobile devices that didn’t work so well with iOS 8.

Specifically, the update could revamp iOS for the iPhone 4S and the iPad Mini, among other devices, offering them greater efficiency and continued support. Coming at a time when Apple would traditionally tend to forego updates for those older devices altogether, it would be a welcome turnabout.


Of course, this is all speculation. Indeed, other rumors are hinting at the exact opposite: It seems that Apple may be planning on ditching compatibility with the Lightning connector with iOS 9, which would be a very controversial move, essentially strong-arming customers into getting new iPhones and iPads. At this point, we can’t do much except wait for more clarification from Apple in an official announcement.

As you may suspect, other iOS 9 rumors include more compatibility with the Apple Watch, a new urban navigation feature for public transit, more HomeKit work, and a plethora of other potential add-ons and tweaks.

When will the latest iOS be released? Again, all we have to go on is the rumor mill, but there are a lot of bets on June 2015, coinciding with WWDC – although it is also likely that WWDC will showcase some of iOS 9’s new features and the operating system will only go public after developers have tinkered with it for several months. Either way, we’ll have more information when Apple deigns to confirm.

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