Apple Discontinues 3rd-Gen Apple TV: Is it Preparation?

If you’re an Apple fan, you know that Apple likes to update its generations pretty quickly – which has the downside of discontinuing support and production for older generations very quickly as well. That catch-22 was bound to catch up to the Apple TV before long, and now it has: In other words, if you’re looking for a set-top box to accompany your top 70-inch TV with all it’s new 4K glory…don’t pick the third-gen Apple TV.

The third-generation Apple TV was a massive upgrade compared to earlier versions, but it’s four years old now, so it’s no surprise that Apple sent an email to its staffers that announced that it will be discontinuing the product. Of course, this doesn’t just mean that the third generation will be impossible to find in stores after a while – it also affects the way that Apple updates its products. If production is discontinued, you can bet that support won’t be too far behind, which means that third-gen Apple TVs will eventually become useless, unable to play the latest apps or content. Unfortunate, but that’s the deal you make with technology like this.

Apple TV
Apple is keeping the 4th-gen TV but getting rid of the 3rd.

The good news is that Apple has given the Apple TV some huge improvements in later generations, and the fourth-gen model is no exception. It provides its own App Store, a little Siri Remote, game support, and a lot of other advanced features. So don’t feel too bad about upgrading if you liked your third-generation model but want to move with the times. The fourth-gen model starts at $149, and is generally worth it for Apple fans.

Of course, there’s always the chance that Apple is getting ready to release a fifth generation model soon. If that interests you, you may want to wait a few months before making a decision. We’ll keep you updated!

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