App Review: PMS Buddy Awaits SNL Parody. It’s That Life Touching


After reading some of the testimonials at I had no idea that PMS was such a turmoil bringer.  The PMS tracking website is currently monitoring close to 23,000 cycles with about 800 periods starting today and the PMS pressure gauge hasn’t even broken halfway yet!  Talk about a flood warning!!

New to the app store, the PMSBuddy for your iPhone or iPod Touch is your “know her flow on the go” solution for all you out there fighting through the trenches of PMS laced tyranny.  Boasting the slogan “saving relationships one month at a time” PMS Buddy begs me to ask the question of how many actual relationships really crumble under the weighted shackles of PMS?  I think that  if PMS is that detrimental to your relationship then PMS is probably not the problem.

Anyway, the reviews I have read have been very positive and it has helped many people so far.  The iPhone app is pretty much a streamlined version of the online service with a couple of differences and is extremely easy to use.  You can track up to 10 women’s cycles and the time at which their period will occur.  However, if you have tons of problems dealing with PMS it may be unlikely that you even know 10 women.  Beyond that, you input the name of the female and the last known date of cycle and the average length.  PMS Buddy recommends the average 28 day cycle. That’s it.  PMS Buddy automatically gives the exact date of the women’s next period so you can know when to pick up your chain mail from the blacksmith.

The two test subjects who participated in my review went by the names Cougar MellonCamp and Sharon Fluids.  Sharon’s period starts on Sunday March 8th and Cougar’s isn’t till March 25th.  The main difference between the PMS Buddy website and the app, aside from the latter tracking 5 more women, is that there are no alerts or reminders on the iPhone version.  If you aren’t being a good PMS watchdog you could inadvertently walk into a firefight.  Hopefully they will add alerts in future updates by way of animations depicting casinos being leveled or planets exploding into one another.  I can think of more trust me.

This app is obviously a touchy subject destined for eternal debate.  But thanks to America people can do what they want and this app will definitely have a lot of people talking.  I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that meeting.  “Hey guys, wanna make some controversial s**t?”  Awesome.

The social ramifications of PMS Buddy are just beginning to surface and its effects will be household commonplace soon enough I’m sure.  While the majority of people will use this app for good, there will also be the dirtbag who uses it at a bar with the pick up line “Hey, what’s the last day of your cycle so I know when not to call you?”  Can it get crazier than this?  WiFi tampon insertion alerts for executive members?  STD Buddy for herpes outbreaks?

PMS Buddy is a one dollar app that provides exactly what it advertises and is an innovative product that has created its own niche’.  While other PMS apps are available such as PMS Tracker and Menstrometer, PMS Buddy seems to be the most flourishing and widely embraced. If you have communication issues, or find the whole PMS thing just too stressful, I highly recommend giving PMS Buddy a dollar for priceless peace of mind.

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