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Updated November 26, 2022
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Do you end up feeling lazy or drowsy sitting all day at your desk? Or maybe you just want to have a more healthier life. Whichever it is, standing desks like the ApexDesk Elite are a life saviour as the Elite comes with a wide range of features to make your life better with the help of an ergonomic design and easy to use controller, making it compatible for both sitting and standing. Thus, worry no more and get yourself the best standing desk out there, that too at a pretty good price. If you want a good lighting for your room, take a look at our “Prometheus” aint got nothing on our “Aliens” lamp too. And incase you want to revamp your workspace, you may check other office product’s on our list.

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Why We Like It – ApexDesk Elite

Offering you almost everything you can ask for in a standing desk, the ApexDesk Elite comes in two different sizes in a durable and easy to use design. It comes with an unique ergonomic build making reaching to the ends of the wide desk a whole lot easier. And with easy steps to assemble it as well as an enhanced stability and smooth process of moving the desk up and down thanks to the dual motors, the ApexDesk Elite series may just be the best new foundation to your office space.

  • Ergonomic shape for better reach
  • Excellent stability and smooth movement process
  • Great weight capacity
  • Not the most affordable standing desk
  • Not the best cable management

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While the instructions for assembly are pretty easy to understand and follow up on, you might end up needing some help to set up the ApexDesk Elite. This is mostly because of the weight of the top but other than that, setting up the frame and selecting the four height settings on the control pad are pretty easy to set up, not taking more than 1 and a half hours in total.

Speaking of the attached control pad, it comes with the usual up and down button for manually setting the height every time, but you also get the added benefit of four memory buttons allowing you to save specific heights by pressing the number you want to save it to along with the M button for a couple of seconds. And then later on whenever you need to switch from sitting to standing mode or vice versa, just press the button you saved it to twice. Having four buttons means you can also set up the desk for two people, allowing both of you to adjust the height of the desk to your levels by simply pressing the specific number twice.

Apart from that, the up and down buttons allow you to change the height of the ApexDesk Elite adjustable desk at a speed of 1.3 Inches per second, reach upto a maximum height of 48 Inches and a minimum of 28.5 Inches. This is more than enough to make for a perfect standing desk for anyone under 6 feet. And while the dual motors on either stand allows you to move the desk, they don’t create much of a sound at just 60 decibels during motion thus preventing any form of distractions for your colleagues. The motors also have a soft start and stop making sure that the desk doesn’t just stop mid movement with a sudden change of momentum, therefore preventing any form of shaking or instability of desk and everything on it.

Moreover, with a wide leg base and a heavy duty motorized steel frame centre beam, the ApexDesk Elite is capable of more than just height adjustment. It can hold upto 225 lbs of weight on top keeping all of your office material stable even in it’s standing position with weight to spare. But do keep in mind that, the desk most certainly isn’t for the gamers out there as like for most other electric standing desk out there, three monitors and a heavy gaming PC case might just be too much.


Having dimensions of 60″ x 29.5″ x 1″ for the 60 Inch model and weighing 125 pounds in whole, the ApexDesk Elite is a pretty large desk accommodating all your things with ease. It comes with an ergonomic design which curves and has a rounded cut upfront. This makes it easier for you to reach across the table to each and every thing that you need.

And when it comes to rigidity and durability, the ApexDesk Elite series electric height adjustable desk is pretty great. With a construction from laminated medium-density fiberboard and the added steel frame, it holds off for a long time without giving up to instability. As for cable management you get two holes at either end of the desk to take the cables out from, but it doesn’t provide the best of it considering the desk needs to power its own two motors as well. Thus you might want to check out the $30 cable tray that ApexDesk offers, or you might even get yourself the Adjustable Desk from Stand Up Desk Store, with a crank to adjust the height.

Finally, moving onto aesthetics, the ApexDesk Elite offers you 4 different colours for both the 60 and 71 Inch models. You can go with the standard black and white mix of the frame and top, or you can choose from the Red Apple Top, Red Cherry Top or even the Teakwood Top option to go from. If you prefer a completely unique design that doesn’t need the added colour for aesthetics, you might want to check out the Varidesk Pro Plus 36.


Priced at $500 for the 60 Inch model at upto $600 for the 71 Inch, the ApexDesk Elite series standing desks are not the most affordable standing desks out there. You can go for the Seville Classics Airlift for a much cheaper but still capable desk, but even so the ApexDesk Elite does actually live up to its price. You get everything you need in a desk having everything ranging from ergonomics to durability as well as functionality thanks to the control pad. And with the smoothly operating motors, the ApexDesk Elite is a great standing desk, if you can afford it. But do keep in mind that the warranty on it is limited to two years on the motor and five years on the frame. You can also check out our YAMASORO ergonomic executive office chair review for a seat to use when you need a break from standing.

ApexDesk Elite Wrap Up

While it may not be the cheapest of standing desks nor the most uniquely designed, with a great performance in terms of height adjustability as well as its weight capacity, the ApexDesk Elite is a great standing desk that will serve you well. So if you can afford it, the ApexDesk Elite will be one of the best investments to your office, boosting both your health and productivity.

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