Aorus FI27Q Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Everything about the Aorus FI27Q takes things to the next level in terms of gaming, and this is the only kind of superior performance that you can expect from a Gigabyte gaming monitor. Established in 1986, Gigabyte has come a long way in computer hardware manufacturing, and once they exclusively focussed on churning out top tier gaming monitors, a significant part of the gaming community started paying serious attention. Now, with models like the Aorus FI27Q P, the manufacturer continues to fend off serious competition from more well known brands, and provide a gaming experience that players can’t find anywhere else. Does it make the cut as a best budget game monitor? Well, it might be expensive for some people to get high-end electronics, but before we make that call, let’s delve deeper into what it has to offer.

Why We Like It – Aorus FI27Q

The Aorus FI27Q is a top tier gaming monitor that’s got a lot of features that make gaming on it a dream. Colors on it appear vivid and crystal clear thanks to a 98% coverage of the DCI P3 color gamut, and with in built G sync compatibility, you won’t need to kit out your monitor with any external hardware.

  • Ultra fast 1 ms response time
  • HDR support
  • 95% coverage of DCI P3 for sharp colors
  • Expensive


The Gigabyte Aorus FI27Q P is basically a 27 inch IPS panel that features a 1440 pixel QHD screen resolution, and an impressive 95% coverage of the DCI P3 color gamut. This means colors on the Gigabyte Aorus monitor are as sharp and detailed as they can get, and once you add HDR imaging into that mix, you get to enjoy almost perfect color handling. As a monitor that’s built for gamers, elements that affect gameplay are really pushed to the max. Response time on the FI27Q P is an almost perfect 1 ms to deter against any form of motion blur, and with a 165 Hz refresh rate, alternatives such as the ViewSonic VX2257 MHD Gaming Monitor FreeSync really do not stand any chance in comparison. Aside from that, additional gaming features such as active noise reduction technology helps keep your mic audio nice and clear, and a black equalizer increases the visibility of dark scenes so that you’re never caught off guard. For a 24″ FHD (1920X1080) gaming monitor, read our ASUS vx248h 1920×1080 gaming monitor review.


Everything about the design of this monitor screams avid gamer. If you look in the back, you will notice RGB lighting zones that light up to create the perfect gaming ambience. You’ll be able to choose which colors light up through the RGB Fusion App, which is a first among gaming monitors. Still on the back, you will also notice an input panel that consists of a DisplayPort, 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB C ports, an audio out jack and a microphone in jack. The only thing that stands out on the front of the monitor is its V-shaped stand, but other than that, it offers good ergonomics to the monitor, and allows for a height adjustment of up to 5.1 inches. On screen settings are easy to configure thanks to its OSD sidekick, and this is a feature that you’ll hate to miss out on if you opt for the BenQ GL2480.


There are a lot of features that make the Aorus FI27Q P stand out as a top of the range gaming monitor. It’s got support for FreeSync premium, which is a new standard that builds on top of the FreeSync technology that we rely on to keep screen stuttering at bay. This new standard only applies to monitors that have a refresh rate that’s higher than 120Hz, and on this front alone, the FI27Q is miles ahead of competitors like the Pixio FreeSync Certified 1920×1080 Warranty. The monitor is G sync compatible and also comes with support for Adaptive Sync technology, meaning you shouldn’t expect any problems when dealing with a PC that’s got an Nvidia Graphics card or a AMD Radeon GPU.

Aorus FI27Q Wrap Up

If you’ve never tried playing on a Gigabyte monitor, then there’s a lot that you’re missing out on. These monitors are meant to push the limits in gaming, and offer you a gaming experience that you can’t get anywhere else. To record yourself as you game, a handy recorder you can use is described in our Zoom h2n handy recorder review.

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