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When shopping for the Best Curved Gaming Monitors, the Aorus cv27q gaming monitor is a superb choice because of its curved screen size that provides a better visual experience for games and movies. While it may be a hefty investment, this monitor has a super fast refresh rate and the most accurate colors among many competitors.

Why We Like It – Aorus CV27Q Gaming Monitor

The curved display on the Aorus cv27q gaming monitor will bring an immersive cinematic experience for all your content. It is equipped with Aorus exclusive technology that provides noise cancellation and more. This is one of the few monitors that will provide a powerful refresh rate of 165hz.

  • 1ms Response time
  • The high dynamic range provides more accurate colors
  • n/a
  • Response times may vary and may be slightly longer


This sleek monitor comes equipped with an ergonomics stand that you can tilt and tweak to your preference. The monitor has a 1500R panel, which means it has a curved millimeter radius of 1500. If you would like to find a monitor with a better millimeter radius, you may be interested in the Alienware aw3418dw. It also is equipped with DCI P3 RGB fusion features to help you see more vivid and accurate colors. Outside of performance, it will look fantastic on your desk thanks to the LED lights in the back of the monitor which you can customize.

Viewing angle

The 27” inch curved monitor uses a VA panel type, which gives you a good refresh rate but may give some of the worst viewing angle and response times, so you may want to be wary of that before moving on with your purchase. You can expect no ghosting during the game thanks to the low motion blur which brings sharper graphics. If you would like to find a bigger display screen size, you may be interested in the Asus pg348q which caps at 34” inches.


Make sure to look up any protection plans for your investment, and avoid causing any physical harm to the monitor when you take a loss in a game. For all internal matters, you will have a warranty with the Gigabyte company to back you up and extend the life of your monitor.


The Aorus monitor comes with a single Display Port, a 1.4 HDMI port, 2 2.0 HDMI ports, and 2 USB 3.0 ports. With the numerous ports, you can have multiple consoles and devices connected to your monitor without having to take extra time from reconnecting devices every so often. If you would like to see more of our best options, you may want to learn about the BenQ ex3203r.


While this monitor may be a big investment for some, it is worth every penny to have the best looking visuals while watching movies or playing video games. In addition, with the curved display, this monitor will bring a more immersive experience. Thanks to the g sync technology, you can expect sharp graphics while playing Overwatch, Modern Warfare, or any other game with high performance graphics.

Aorus CV27Q Gaming Monitor Wrap Up

The Aorus cv27q gaming monitor is a great investment because of the accurate colors and response times it provides during the most intense battles online. To have features such as a 165hz refresh rate available may lead to a better gaming experience since it will not lag and give you great visuals while experiencing a game or movie.

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