If you can’t wait for summer and want to begin your hunt for the best grills now, then the AOG Grill should be on your list. A strong grill brush, sturdy grill tongs, and a highly-rated grill cleaner should also be on that list. If you’re looking to build an outdoor kitchen and are looking for the best built-in grills, then that’s even more reason why the AOG should be on your list.

Why We Like It – AOG Grills

AOG Grills are well designed. American-made grills that will make you the envy of any neighborhood grill master. It’s exceptionally powerful for having only three burners and is spacious enough to hold a decent-sized party with your friends and family.

  • Extremely Powerful Individual Burners
  • Freestanding or Built-In Options
  • Spacious Warming Rack
  • Rotisserie Burner is Extra
  • Some Special Features Only Available with L Series


The Grill American Outdoor AOG Grill comes with 50.000 BTUs of power across three stainless steel U-Burners. Or, if you prefer, close to 17,000 BTUs for each burner. This is well above the 10-12,000 BTU average. But if you prefer five burners, check out the Blaze Grill review. You can also get a 12,000 BTU rotisserie side burner, but that will cost extra.


The AOG Grill should offer about 648 square inches of cooking space with its 36-inch frame. While this isn’t the highest we’ve seen, it can still hold an impressive amount of food and should fit nicely into any outdoor kitchen. Check out the Bull Grill if you want something bigger. The AOG grill also comes in built-in or freestanding options to cater to your tastes.

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Although it’s a pain to clean stainless steel, it is sturdy. That said, if you need guidance on how to clean a bbq grill, check out our resource articles. The AOG grill comes with 304 stainless steel construction on the grill hood and body making it durable against all kinds of inclement weather. You can also check out the Napoleon Burners Prestige PRO 665 Natural Gas Grill for another example of this. This will make the grill somewhat heavy, so make sure you get a friend or contractor to help. Especially if you decide to go the built-in route.

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Ease of Use

The grills come with diamond sear cooking grids as found on Fire Magic grills. You’ll also get a spacious warming rack to place completed food so you’re not overcooking it or waiting for it to get cold. The vaporizer panels do a good job at distributing heat and the analog thermometer lets you read interior temperatures up to 1,000℉.


AOG Grills come with a 15-year warranty and, while not lifetime warranties found on some select grills, is still very, very impressive compared to others like Napoleon and Weber. There are two series, the T series, and the L series, and if you decide to opt for the L series, you’ll get some extra features like LED backlit control knobs and Halogen interior lights.

AOG Grills Wrap Up

Considering how much built-in grills usually cost it’s a shame that some features, such as the rotisserie, still cost extra. Still, it’s hard to argue about what you do get, which is impressive power, durable construction, and a very generous warranty in case something does go wrong.

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