Anywhere Tools Modular Everyday Carry System

We can’t carry Bosch power tools in our pocket just yet, but this is the next best thing. There are a variety of things that we like to carry with us every day, but the problem is, all of these items accumulate and before you know it, you are carrying a ton of odd and bulky items. That’s why we love gadgets that combine many tools together into a small form factor.

Anywhere Tools is a Compact Toolkit

The Anywhere Tools Modular Every Day Carry System takes the tools that you need and puts them into one handy system that is small enough to fit into your pocket. This modular system of tools combines utility and convenience in one cool package. And it’s fully customizable. All your everyday carry needs are met with this one simple device.

Keyport is already known for their modular key systems, but this new way to carry your tools takes things to the next level. The Everyday Carry System can also use the Anywhere Pocket Clip and the improved modular stacking system gives you a whole new variety of carry options for Keyport Modules. You can also attach them to the Keyport Pivot and Keyport Slide 3.0 to have your tools with your keys.

Anywhere Tools is all about convenience, utility, and style. It transforms your everyday carry from bulky, oddly shaped, items to a streamlined and fully customized set of tools. This system is great because it allows you to carry only the things that you need. Why carry extra gear that you don’t need? They will only weigh you down.

Anywhere Tools Modular Everyday Carry System
Anywhere tools gives you options galore.

Customize the Tool Set That You Want

It gets even better. Several of the modules are stackable (called Mid-modules) so you can carry more than one together on a single pocket clip. This means even more tools in a super compact form factor. For instance, the MOCA II and the NEBA Knife Modules are stackable, which allows other modules to be stacked on top of them. While the Pocket Flare Mini-Flashlight and WeeLINK Cable Charger are outer modules, so they can stack on top of a mid-module, forming the top or outer most layer.

Easily add and remove the modules that you want from the PocketClip, Pivot or Slide using the RuSH module tool or a paperclip or pen. You can carry Anywhere Tools in a variety of ways. Maybe on a pocket clip, multiple pocket clips, from a carabiner, keychain, on a backpack, on a purse, and more.

This is as good as having Batman’s utility belt. Anyone who uses a multi-tool regularly is going to love this new system.

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