Antop Indoor Rabbit Ears TV Antenna Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you want a strong connection and long reception range, you don’t have to look to the absolute Best TV Antenna; the Antop Indoor Rabbit Ears TV Antenna makes a compelling argument for being the Best Rabbit Ear Antenna. Its built-in amplifier makes connecting easier. Not to mention a 10-foot long coax cable.

Why We Like It – Antop Indoor Rabbit Ears TV Antenna

The Antop Indoor Rabbit Ears TV Antenna stuffs everything you need to enjoy free TV channels, such as a long, 4-layered coaxial cable, a built-in amplifier, and omnidirectional reception.

  • Multi directional UHF/VHF reception
  • 10-foot coax cable
  • Built-in amplifier booster
  • Pricey


Range is one thing, and signal strength is another. With the Antop Indoor Rabbit Ears TV Antenna, capturing digital TV shows is going to be a cinch. For starters, the coax cable has four layers of shielding to improve the signal transmission: a PVC jacket, braid shield, foil shield, and a dielectric layer. On top of that, it has an amplifier built right in. However, if you want a long range TV antenna then you should probably check out the GE Pro Outdoor Antenna, which has an impressive 80 mile range.

Ease of Install

Unlike the simpler Fosmon HDTV Antenna, the Antop Indoor HDTV Antenna takes one extra step to install, but otherwise very easy. You have a 10-foot coax cable to work with, which plugs right into your TV, then the power cable.


Despite being made of plastic, the Antenna Antop AT-211B has a fair construction. It isn’t anything fancy, but the most important parts, the amplifier and coax cable, were certainly given the most attention to ensure a strong and stable connection.


It even has a long reception range! Compared to the Philips SDV8201B, the Antop Indoor Rabbit Ears TV Antenna has nearly twice the range, up to 50 miles. If you consider nearby devices, and placement of the device, the effective range is around 40 to 45 miles, which is still great. You also get omni-directional reception, meaning the ears don’t have to be accurately pointed.


Picking up the Antop Indoor Rabbit Ears TV Antenna will set you back $35, which is over three times the cost of the Philips SDV7114A. Is it worth it? It’s a bit pricey, but absolutely! This is because the Philips SDV7114A doesn’t have an amplifier, and you’ll certainly need a better coax cable; the Antop comes with both right off the bat, saving you on shipping tremendously.

Antop Indoor Rabbit Ears TV Antenna Wrap Up

If you want a reliable TV antenna, you already have a good enough reason to pick up the Antop Indoor Rabbit Ears TV Antenna. Yes, it’s priced higher, but that’s because you’re getting a great coax cable and amplifier right off the bat, which you’d pick up regardless of which TV antenna you go with.

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