ANTOP HD Smart Bar Amplified TV Antenna Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re not one to watch too much TV these days but are still looking for the Best TV Antenna for those good local channels, you may want to narrow your search to the Best Indoor TV Antenna. And when you do, you should give the ANTOP HD Smart Bar Amplified TV Antenna a place on your considerations list.

Why We Like It – ANTOP HD Smart Bar Amplified TV Antenna

The ANTOP HD Smart Bar Amplified TV Antenna is by far one of the premierTV antennas. It can receive an excellent number of channels. Not only that, these channels will be crystal clear so you can enjoy watching TV without the threat of fuzziness lurking in the back of your mind.

  • TV Reception is Clean
  • Can Be Set Up Horizontally or Vertically
  • 80 Mile Range
  • Expensive


The ANTOP HD Smart Bar HDTV Antenna works just as it should. When set to max, the FM Antenna was able to receive 29 free local channels. 3 Major networks and 26 miscellaneous channels. Even if the smart boost system is set to half the TV antenna can still receive the same number of channels. TV signals are crisp and clear too. If you’d like an antenna that comes with more channels, you can go for Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 Review that has about 35 channels. You can also check out the Channel Master Smartenna Plus if you’d like something with quick boot up too. Not to say the ANTOP Indoor Antenna is a slouch in that area.

Ease of Install

Installation of the ANTOP Smart Bar HDTV FM Amplified Antenna is painless. Connect the cable from the antenna to the power booster and a coaxial cable to the booster and the back of your TV. Use the DC power adapter to power the booster. The bar design of the antenna let’s you set it up vertically or horizontally. For another easy set-up indoor use antenna, try the FLATenna 35.


Despite the bar design, the device isn’t all that intrusive. It weighs only 2.5 pounds and can fit and blend in right next to the TV. If you want to set up a second device to a second TV you can without running out of space. Aesthetically, the unit is pretty sleek, and has a design more reminiscent of a fashionable tower fan than a digital TV antenna.


The reception range for the ANTOP Antenna is an impressive 80 miles with the settings turned up to max. If you want something ultra long range, you should check out the u Must Have Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna. If you’d like, the ANTOP lets you connect to an OTA Ready Streaming Device as well which makes the antenna an excellent compliment to a media streamer.


There’s plenty of value and even more additional features on the antenna. The multi directional reception pattern also allows you to pick up FM Stereo signals which, if you’re like me, is great for radio listeners. But while it’s unfortunately not available on Amazon currently, many reviews have commented on just how expensive it is. Be sure to take that into consideration.

ANTOP HD Smart Bar Amplified TV Antenna Wrap Up

While there may be some other TV Antennas that can get more stations and more major networks, there will be a good chance that half of these will be fuzzy. The greatest thing about the ANTOP HD Smart Bar Amplified TV Antenna is its stability. You’ll be able to watch your favorite shows, or sports, in peace.

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