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The AntiLaser Priority makes its case as the best radar detector with Laser Jammer by providing a plethora of industry firsts such as USB flash drive theft protection, a laser cruise-control filtering sensor, a self research function, and more. Aside from providing laser detection, it also detects the parking sensors.

Why We Like It – AntiLaser Priority

The AntiLaser priority will have your back better than any co pilot can. This device will turn the latest and greatest radar laser guns into useless props since they won’t be able to find out what speed you are driving in. This detector will be updated later on to provide better functionality over time.

  • Highly customizable
  • Can support up to 8 sensors for better laser jamming
  • An expensive tool
  • The Bluetooth module add on costs more


The laser jamming on this device can be expanded up to 8 front and rear sensors which will give you a better chance at dismantling the radar signal. It has a dual processor that is running at 100 Mhz. When it has detected radar, it will notify you via voice alerts. This is our number one product, but if you would like to see the runner up, feel free to scope out the Escort Max Ci 360.


By purchasing the Antilaser system, you are investing in a device with outstanding detection power that you will notice when encountering radar guns. The AL priority system has a wide protection angle, and coverage has improved since its previous models.


The AL Priority laser defense is backed by two decades of constant improvement from the Antilaser company. After investing in the expensive advanced laser radar detector, you want to make sure sensor cables and other compartments are properly installed by yourself or a professional if needed. If you aren’t ready to make a financial commitment to the ALP system, you may find refuge in checking out the Whistler XTR 145.

Ease of Use

The Priority Antilaser device is said to be user friendly, so it will not take a lifetime to understand how to use it to the best of its abilities. The difficult part to get through is installing the whole system, which consists of front and rear sensors which happen to be some of the smallest in the industry. You also want to know how to update your system through the USB port to have the latest firmware. Another neat feature worth using is the self research option which can detect any malfunctions in the antennas or sensors.


Antilaser has plenty of add on devices that extend the range and performance of your laser jammer. You can customize this jammer with the essentials features you need, although it will add to the already high stock price. It is unfortunate to see that Bluetooth technology wasn’t considered an essential feature of the device and was instead left as an upgradable feature there to make you cough up more money. In the end, having these laser jammers in your car will dissolve a hectic situation as cops try to fire their laser guns and fail. If you are not sold on this product, you may want to check out other products like The Blinder HP-905.

AntiLaser Priority Wrap Up

While the AntiLaser Priority laser jammer is an expensive option, there is no doubt that it is truly one of the best laser radar detectors out there for its vast functions like a dual processor and the USB flash drive theft protection. You can fine tune your purchase to include however many front and rear sensors, extension cables, and GPS antenna you need to provide the best laser jamming available.

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