Anmino ASM6C Smartwatch Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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90 Expert Rating

The Anmino ASM6C is an affordable smartwatch that comes with all the fitness tracking capabilities that you’d need, and retailing at less than $60, it’s a bargain compared to all the other top-shelf brands that sell their watches for $100 plus. The smartwatch is also one of the many that now run the popular wear OS (formerly Android wear) meaning you’ll be able to interact with a host of apps from the Google ecosystem. Tracking your sporting activities with the Anmino smartwatch is also quite easy thanks to the 5 sport modes that it has support for. The watch is able to provide real time exercise data on your steps, heart rate, calories, pace, step frequency and distance so that you’re always able to stay on top of your fitness activities. Get on with the rest of this review to see why the watch takes up the 5th spot on our best android smartwatch list. Don’t forget to take a look at our best smartwatch list to see what’s available on the market.

Why We Like It – Anmino ASM6C Smartwatch Review

Despite its sub $100 price point, this Anmino smartwatch comes loaded with features that put a lot of other smart watches to shame. With support for GPS heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking, the watch remains a steal for its asking price, making it the best smartwatch for buyers on a tight budget.

  • Affordable
  • Works with both iOS and Android
  • Built-in GPS, barometer & compass function
  • No third party app support


The battery life of the Anmino Smartwatch varies between two to three days depending on how much you tend to use your watch apps, and whether or not you have the GPS tracker on. If you decide to turn it off at night though, you could stretch it through to almost 4 days. Just like the samsung galaxy android smartwatch, compatibility with both iOS and Android devices is also not an issue as the watch will pair with both devices seamlessly through bluetooth. In terms of water resistance, the Anmino smartwatch is rated at IP67, which means it’ll be okay if you get caught out in the rain with it but not if you submerge it under water. If this is a feature that you’d like, consider the Apple watch series 5. If you want a waterproof watch, GPS and a heart monitor, our Apple Watch 5 review is worth checking out.


With the Anmino smartwatch, you can either choose to go for the more serious leather strap, or the laid back sports strap depending on which one you think best suits your style. Other than that, the watch comes with a 1.3-inch Corning Glass scratch resistant display, and a sporty bezel that’s really not as good looking as the one you’ll find on the Samsung Galaxy watch. Nonetheless, the Anmino smartwatch is quite light at 0.1 pounds, but is also limited in the choice of watch faces that you can have on its screen. Just so you know, the ticwatch pro smartwatch offers a wider range of watch faces to go for if the lack of options on the Anmino is a dealbreaker for you.


The Anmino smartwatch comes with a heart rate monitor that keeps you aware of your beats per minute, and unlike the Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Android Smartwatch, it will also give you a reading of your blood pressure so that you know whenever you need to calm down and take it easy. The watch also comes with a sedentary reminder, which is more of a nudge to get moving if it senses that you’ve been sitting around for too long. This is similar to the inactivity alerts you’ll get with the Samsung Galaxy watch. If a low price and lots of brilliant features sound appealing to you, check out our 321OU Smartwatch review.

Anmino ASM6C Smartwatch Review Wrap Up

If you’ve happened to use any wear OS watches before, then you know that all that’s required to sync your phone and your device together is a Bluetooth connection. To be able to do this with the Anmino watch though, you’ll need to download the Smart Time App from Google Play Store, and create an account that you’ll use to sign up and register your device with.

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