If you have a messy microwave or have frequent spills, the Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner can clean your microwave in no time. Much like the best baby wipes can clean your child in no time, or at least a short period of manageable time. She is a chemical-free alternative to other cleaning solutions. After just a few minutes, the steam cleaner will enable you to wipe your microwave free of food stains with ease. This product is one of the best microwave cleaners out there that doesn’t use harmful chemicals, so it’s great for homes with kids.

It’s also fantastic for people who aren’t tall because you don’t have to scrub anything after the product does her job. This Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner review will help you decide if it’s right for you.


For microwave’s that need frequent cleaning or have stubborn stains and dirt, Angry Mama can loosen the grime, so it is easier to wipe away. Simply remove Angry Mama’s cross face, fill her body with tap water, vinegar, and lemon juice, and watch.

The combination vinegar water steam cleans, loosening food, and disinfecting your microwave. The lemon juice adds a pleasant smell, although sometimes it doesn’t quite take away the smell of vinegar from your kitchen after cleaning your microwave.

Put Angry Mama’s head back on and place her in the microwave. The instructions indicate that you’re supposed to microwave her for seven minutes, but some microwaves have a max time of six minutes. If your microwave tops out at less than seven minutes, you may have to be at the ready to add a minute or two to the cooking time after it beeps.

You can try microwaving at your max cook time and see if Angry Mama has had a chance to do her job yet. If not, try again with more time. After she’s done, her body and her hair parts will be extremely hot, but her arms remain cool. Just pick her up gently and remove her from the microwave.

It would seem that you can wipe away food and other messes with just a few swipes of a soft rag, damp paper towel, or sponge. You may even notice that Angry Mama loosens grease from popping popcorn. While some stains may still need a scrub or two, it’ll be much easier after using Angry Mama.


Angry Mama is only five inches tall, so she’ll fit in any microwave, and she’s easy to store away when you don’t need her. She comes in a variety of color combinations like red hair with a blue dress, yellow hair with a purple dress, and purple hair with a green dress.

She’s made of durable silicone that’s microwave safe at extreme temperatures. It’s easy to remove her head to add your liquids, and the holes in her head allow for plenty of escaping steam while cleaning.


Hovering at around $10 almost any place you purchase her in a few business days, Angry Mama is a steal for households who want to try her. She’s affordable and fun to watch. Moms who don’t want to use chemicals around children will enjoy the easy cleanup, and kids will love laughing at Angry Mama as she blows off some steam.


The real value here is that you no longer have to scrub your microwave down after weeks of cooking food. You can just use Angry Mama and then wipe it away.

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