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Angel Car: Mobile EV Charger

Angel Car Mobile EV Charger

It’s a sunny day, you’re out for a drive in your electric vehicle minding your own business when suddenly you run out of juice.  Call a tow truck and you’ll have to use a gas sipping vehicle to get back home or to the next charge station. Kind of defeats the purpose, don’t it?

The Angel Car from Swiss company Nation-E is a mobile EV charging station.  Located in the back of the van, which is painted an appropriate green, is a fuel pump.  But instead of containing the fossil burning oil it is filled with electricity.   The unit is equipped with a 230v system, which according to the company will charge your EV up in about 15 minutes, providing enough energy to travel up to 30km, which will either get you home or to the next charging station.

The system is replete with touchscreen and can be retrofitted into any appropriately sized van.

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