The best Android smartwatch just got better.

Android Wear benefits greatly from Google updates designed to enhance compatible smart watches, and the latest upgrade is no exception…especially for music lovers. If your focus is more on aesthetics, you could read our LG watch urbane 2nd edition LTE review instead.

The particularly unique feature that comes with this holiday update is the ability to play music directly from your smart watch instead of merely controlling smartphone music. You can download songs directly to your smart watch using a new sync function, and then play songs via compatible Bluetooth headphones.

This is a useful little Android Wear feature that is especially beneficial if you feel like going out for a walk or a run but don’t want to carry any additional devices around. Of course, with a storage limit of only a few GBs, you’ll have to pick your songs with care, but it’s still a nifty feature.

Smart watch music is far from the only new feature Google added with the latest Android Wear update. In addition to a couple dozen new watch faces for you to play with, the Google notification cards have also been retooled and there are new capabilities, including mute and quick settings that you can control with just a swipe. Google has also introduced some better battery functions that allow you to chart how much battery life individual apps are sapping.

As long as you are using Android Wear and an Android 4.3 or later system on your phone, you can download the latest update and start exploring it.

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