ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike Review

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Updated February 24, 2023
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If you plan on taking the best electric bike on mountains and rough terrain, the ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike could be the next best electric bike under 1000. With its steel frame and variety of speeds, it’ll pump out the speed you need while absorbing the bumps and dips of the mountains. And that’s in addition to its dual-brake system.

Why We Like It – ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike

Take on the mountains with the 26-inch ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike, featuring a 21-speed transmission system and tough steel frame that can handle the bumps and dips. A sporty alternative can be found in our Ancheer electric bike review.

  • 21-speed transmission system
  • Tough frame helps tackle rough terrain
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Maximum speed of 15mph
  • Better suited for mountain bikers

Durability & Build Quality

The ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike is built to be strong. The suspension fork is made of high-quality carbon steel, while the handlebar is made of light but almost equally strong aluminum alloy. This means ANCHEER Electric Bikes can absorb the rough terrain of mountains while keeping your handling nice and light, arguably better than the Raleigh Retroglide IE can. You can also go for a foldable bike for easy storage. For more details, check out the Ancheer folding bike review.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The speed of the ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike sticks to the lower side. Its high-speed brushless hub motor maxes out at 15mph. This can be achieved by either using pedal assist or letting the motor do all the work. But for fun in the sun, the best electric beach cruiser bike is better left to the Juiced City Scrambler for its top speed of 28mph.

Range & Battery

Both the range and battery are just above average. If you use the pedal assist, you’ll get a few more miles out of the lithium battery (at most 30 miles). Letting the battery do all the work, you’ll get, at most, 15 miles on a single charge (battery charger inside).

Safety Features

The ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike comes with multiple safety features, such as an LED headlamp, horn, and dual-disc brake system. The light does an excellent job cutting through the darkness if you’re feeling some night riding, a feature missing from the Liv Thrive E+ Pro. With its brake system, you get a disc brake at the front fork as well as the back, providing superb braking power.


Taking into consideration of this ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike review, is the e-bike worth its $600 price tag? Absolutely! In the right hands, it’s the best electric mountain bike under 3000. However, this is best suited for mountain bikers. The way the electric bike is designed doesn’t provide an opportunity to enjoy a leisurely drive; it’s built to tackle mountains and rough terrain. If you like the sound of that, you can also read our guide on the top-rated all-terrain electric bikes.

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike Wrap Up

The ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike is an excellent choice for mountain bikers, despite its weaker brushless motor. Having a 21-speed transmission system makes up for that; you’ll get as little or as much assistance as you need. And when you’re climbing mountains, having a strong frame and dual-disc system means it won’t fall apart on you. However, if you would prefer a foldable option, the ANCHEER folding electric mountain bike should fit the bill.