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If you’re a newcomer to the mountain bike scene, finding the most affordable option is key. The ANCHEER Electric Bike is one of the best electric fat bikes that fit the bill. Not only do you get a 21-speed transmission system, but you get a confident dual-disc brake system with plenty of stopping power. Best of all: it’s only $600.

Why We Like It – ANCHEER Electric Bike

Fitted with a 21-speed transmission system and front and rear disc brakes, the ANCHEER Electric Bike is built for variety and confident stopping power—and at an affordable price.

  • 21-speed transmission system
  • Front and rear disc brake system
  • Ideal budget option
  • 15mph top speed; 30 mile range
  • 250W rear hub motor

Durability & Build Quality

To keep up with a lower cost, the ANCHEER Electric Bike is built with a lightweight, but strong, high quality aluminum alloy material. The fork, however, is made of tough carbon. It’s plenty sturdy to tackle various terrains, rough and smooth.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

At most, the ANCHEER Electric Bike will peak at 15mph, going toe-to-toe with Aceshin 26. This is solely on its weaker 250W rear hub motor. It does okay on inclines, but its 21-speed transmission system is impeccable, providing any speed you need for the situation you’re in.

Range & Battery

The battery doesn’t impress either. With pedal assist, you’ll find that 30 miles is the most you can reach with the ANCHEER Electric Bike’s lithium ion battery. That’s a fraction of what the DJ Fat Bike can produce.

Safety Features

The ANCHEER Electric Bike is fitted with the most basic of safety features. You get a front headlight, with a rear reflector, and horn. More importantly, the dual-disc brake system is a great feature to have for much stronger and more confident stopping power.


Compared with just about any of the electric bikes on our list, the ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike may seem pitiful. But being the best isn’t the goal of this e bike; in fact, it’s meant to be a high quality budget option, which it nails beautifully with its $600 price tag. There’s even an upgrade option for a 500W motor for an extra $150, which you should also consider. For experienced riders, the Addmotor Motan is more appealing.

ANCHEER Electric Bike Wrap Up

The ANCHEER Electric Bike is by no means impressive; it doesn’t do enough for experienced riders. But if you’re a newcomer? Absolutely! It’s only $600 and provides enough performance to warrant that price, such as a 21-speed transmission, 15mph top speed, and dual-disc brake system. If you’re new to mountain biking, this is what you want.

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