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Ampware Crank Case Charges iPhone by Hand

Ampware's crank case can replace charging entirely.

With all of the charging iPhone cases around, it was only a matter of time before a crank case appeared. Actually, we’ve seen a couple, but the Ampware certainly appears the most impressive, at least for now.

Other charging cases could hold a couple full smartphone battery charges, but with this built-in crank, you can theoretically keep your phone going forever. Not only is this obviously eco-friendly, but a lot of thought went into the design as well. The crank of the Ampware case is locked into the back of the case and is only unlocked and pulled out when necessary. The rest of the mobile case includes rubberized bumpers for protection against impact, and a couple different color schemes.

Ampware Crank

The crank remains safely hidden until use.

Ampware says that around five minutes of cranking can create about an hour worth of average use time for cell phones. However, it’s safe to bet that mileage will vary based on your battery and cranking skills. Not only is this a useful feature to have for camping trips, hikes, and other nature forays, but it would be downright nice to have when stuck in traffic, out on the town, or doing yard work. Going cordless is almost always worth the price of admission, especially if you don’t mind a little hand action now and then.

The cranky iPhone battery case is only available for the iPhone 6 and 6s, at least for now. One thing it shares in common with other charging cases is a high price – you can preorder now, but it will cost you $80 for one case. Deliveries for the iPhone accessories will occur sometime during March.

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