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Whether you need your wifi router signal for gaming, streaming, personal use, or business, investing in the Best Routers can save you from headaches and missed opportunities because of internet lag. The Amplifi HD Wifi System by Ubiquiti Labs Amplifi HD Wifi System by Ubiquiti Labs is an advanced Wifi system that you can set up to reflect your internet needs at home. By continually adding more mesh points around your living space, you can easily make this the Best Wifi Router for Long Range and give yourself internet connectivity wherever you are in your home.

Why We Like It – Amplifi HD Wifi System by Ubiquiti Labs

The Amplifi HD Wifi System by Ubiquiti Labs brings your wifi signal all around your home and gives you the simplicity of configuring settings over an app on your phone. The wifi system includes two mesh points that you can place wherever you want to get rid of dead zones.

  • Has a simple installation
  • App gives your easy control over the device
  • Limited on advanced configuration settings


To kick things off, the AmpliFi mesh wi fi system bundle includes an innovative router that has an LCD screen. This LCD screen gives you the upload and download speeds of your network in real time. You can have wi fi coverage throughout your whole home by placing the mesh systems in places where you have experienced dead spots. The home wi fi bundle includes two mesh points, and you can always invest in more if you want to keep extending your range.


If you are looking for the raw numbers, the AmpliFi by Ubiquiti networks covers up to 10,000 square feet. Not to mention you can still add more than the included mesh points to ensure that you don’t have any dead spots around the home. If the AmpliFi wi fi system is out of your budget, feel free to look at a more budget friendly option like the Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000.


While the AmpliFi HD system might be a pretty penny compared to other options, this is a great investment because you can keep extending the range of the device by adjusting the mesh points to where they work best. This means that no matter where you live, you can adjust to this system by moving or adding more mesh points. You will want to ensure that everything is properly installed and your devices aren’t exposed to any harmful elements.

Ease of use

The AmpliFi HD system has a mobile app that helps you manage your network. You can view ISP speeds, grant guest access, and be alerted on any security matters within the network. The wi fi system is an instant setup, simply connect your devices to the required WAN port and ethernet cables, and you won’t spend strenuous hours on it. To give you a better navigation experience, the base station has a touchscreen display that simplifies the process. If you would like to look at more of our recommendations, you may want to check out the TP Link AX6000.


This Wi Fi router is a great investment because it offers you plenty of ways to customize your network to your needs. From the location of the mesh points to the setting adjustments through the app, this product will make it easy to access your network from the comfort of your phone. Also, you can check out the Netgear Nighthawk AX6000 if you wish to get a two-in-one router. Any suspicious activity can always be monitored, you can always know what your internet speeds are at, and you can grow your network by adding more mesh points. If you are not satisfied with this product by now, it may be time to change course and check out something like the Netgear Nighthawk AX12.

Amplifi HD Wifi System by Ubiquiti Labs Wrap Up

The Amplifi HD Wifi System is a great investment because you can add on more access points so your home is covered from all areas. After setting up this wi fi mesh HD router, the app will give you easier control over who is connecting, and making sure that your internet speeds are at what they should be.

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