Ampere is a Smart Wireless Charging Sleeve To Charge Your Smartphones

There’s no shortage of portable power packs in the market, but most them require you to carry your charging USB cables along with you so you can charge your devices. Carrying extra cables can always be hassle, but the folks at Novelsys aim to change it.

The company has developed a new charging sleeve which comes with wireless charging capabilities, and is big enough to fit most smartphones. All you have to do is place your smartphone inside the sleeve, and let Ampere handle the rest. It’s not too big so you can just carry it around in your pocket or your bag. Even if you’re using the handset, all you have to do is place your smartphone over Ampere and continue using it while it charges itself. Additionally, there’s a USB charging port as well in case you want to charge any other device.


It’s not just wireless charging, their smart technology offers users with an automated charging system so you could set the level you want the charging to begin with. It also comes with a locator so you could find your phone or Ampere in case it’s misplaced. Furthermore, it even shows you the amount of battery left, precisely in hours and minutes, for both your device and Ampere.

Requirements for wireless charging vary from device-to-device. For iPhone, a thin Lightning receiver needs to be attached to the back of the phone. Nothing extra is required for devices with wireless charging capabilities.

Novelsys has taken the project to Kickstarter where they have already surpassed their funding goal of $60,000 with more than three weeks to go. If you think it can be useful for you, you can pledge for the project on Kickstarter, but you’ll have to shell out $79 — a discount of $24 over the official retail price. Upon reaching stretch goals, the company aims to add more options to Ampere. The company expects to ship the product by August. In the meantime, check out the video below to get more information.

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