Aminy Bluetooth Headset Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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A bluetooth headset that fits on either ear and is much more comfortable to wear than the ICOMTOFIT or the Apple Airpods, the Aminy Bluetooth Headsets are one of the best bluetooth headsets you can get right now. They come with an impressive battery life, an extra pair of batteries despite its already long battery life and also an enjoyable and pristine sound quality, all at a very affordable price. If you want to be sure you always have the best service on the go, read our USB Plug and Play cell phone antenna too.

Why We Like It – Aminy Bluetooth Headset

Being one of the most affordable bluetooth headsets out there, the Aminy Bluetooth Headset is one that surpasses many of its more expensive counterparts in terms of both performance and design. It features an impressive battery life along with a second battery for carrying purposes and also an ergonomic design that will make it sit on your ear firmly without causing you any pain, all while providing you with an excellent audio quality.

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Impressive battery life
  • Comfortable fit with great flexibility
  • Volume control isn’t very convenient


Offering bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the Aminy Bluetooth headset makes receiving calls or listening to music while driving ever the more easier. It comes with two batteries each of 170mAh giving you a splendid battery life of 8 to 10 hours of talk time or music time. And while it may not have a charging case like the Apple Airpods or the Plantronics Voyager Legend, it does allow you to easily switch the batteries when you need to and charge them each fully in just under 2 hours.

The Aminy UFO headsets also offer a 500 hour standby time and it also allows you to connect a secondary earpiece for stereo sound when listening to music. Paired with the fact that you can use the main unit in either ear gives you more flexibility and changes it up when it gets uncomfortable sitting in one ear too long. However, unlike the ICOMTOFIT bluetooth headset compatible with dual pairing, the Aminy Bluetooth headset cannot connect to multiple bluetooth devices.

When it comes to the sound quality, the Aminy UFO provides you with a crisp and clear audio experience and allows your voice to reach the other person as clearly as possible. Along with its noise cancellation feature, the sound is made much better, but it simply isn’t up to par with that of other bluetooth headphones and headsets. The Aminy Bluetooth headset also struggles with midrange sound giving it a slightly muddy feel. But it offers IPX6 rated resistance making it sweatproof and thus a perfect fit for when you want to go on a run or play a sport while also keeping track of your phone calls. And whether you’re going for a run or a walk, you’ll need the 64oz ranger pro to stay hydrated. You may also want to check out our Aminy bluetooth wireless earphones cancelling review for bluetooth headset with noise cancellation features.

In terms of functionality, the Aminy Bluetooth Headset does provide a moderate amount of options but it does come with its own set of drawbacks. You get a call button to receive and reject calls without reaching for your cell phone, buttons to change skip music tracks and also a volume button. The volume control however consists only of a single button which is neither an increase or decrease button. Rather it will increase the volume until you reach the max volume and then start decreasing the volume if you press it after that. Finally, the headsets also use the bluetooth technology to notify you of any incoming calls by telling you the number which is calling, which can be helpful or just plainly irritating depending on the situation.


Wrapping around your ear, the Aminy Bluetooth headset stays firm like many other wireless earphones. This along with its 3-point supported principle allows the Aminy UFO headset to not fall down while making sure that you’re comfortable wearing them for a long duration of time. Apart from that weighing only 82g and having a compat design it makes for the perfect portable bluetooth headset.


Costing only $25 the Aminy UFO Bluetooth Headset is one of the most affordable bluetooth headsets in amazon com. And with decent noise cancelling capabilities paired with a great music sound and call quality, the Aminy UFO makes sure to allow you to enjoy the long battery life to its fullest. And so, offering all of this and a whole lot more at such low a price, the Aminy Bluetooth Headset is a great headset with a great price. Go through our New Bee bluetooth headset review for a bluetooth headset that comes with loads of accessories.

Aminy Bluetooth Headset Wrap Up

While the Aminy Bluetooth Headset may not provide you with the best mic or the best noise cancelling you can get, it does provide you with an amazing sound quality for both calls and music. And despite not having a charging case, it provides you with two batteries which can easily be switched giving you almost the same amount of battery life as the Apple Airpods with its charging case. Thus, providing you with all this packed into a very comfortable and flexible design, the Aminy Bluetooth Headset is an amazing headset well worth your money at such an affordable price.

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