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Updated June 27, 2022
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Losing track of time or facing a memory loss of some form? Well no worries as you can now easily remember things yourself thanks to one of the best alarm clocks, the American Lifetime Clock. Helping both you and those who need it through charity, the American Lifetime digital alarm clock brings punctuality into your lives with 5 different alarms throughout the entire day. Thus, with all that, an easy to use process and the large letters on the extra large screen, the American Lifetime Digital clock is potentially the best alarm clock for you and your loved ones.

Why We Like It – American Lifetime Clock

No longer will you have to forget the time of the day or to take the medicine you were supposed to take. The American Lifetime Clock comes with it’s high resolution large display showing you the time of the day along with the day of the week as well as the month of the year in large letters that are clear and easy to understand. With the additional 5 daily alarm options, and the added battery backup also available on other clocks like the American Lifetime Premium Version Impaired, you’ll always be more punctual.

  • Large display with a high resolution
  • Battery backup
  • 5 daily alarms
  • There are no options for snoozing


The days of depending on someone to remind you of things are over as now you can rise by yourself to be the best you can be, enjoying the best of moments with your loved ones whilst always keeping track of the time. The 8 Inch large high resolution digital alarm clock from American Lifetime comes with 5 alarms through the day to make sure you don’t miss out on a dose of medicine or just a stroll through the park.

Moreover, the American Lifetime Clock needs to be plugged into a socket to operate, but even if the electricity goes out, a backup battery makes sure that the clock keeps track of the time to be resetted to the correct time once the electricity comes back. And moving onto what actually makes it stand out, the large letters on the already pretty large display. You get the largest font for the time, followed by the similarly sized day of the week, the smaller day date, month and year. Other than that, you also get an indicator to show what time of the day it is, from morning afternoon evening or night, making it a great fit for your loved one who has a hard time keeping track of time.

Furthermore, with all the letters of the fully spelled words displayed on the 800 x 600 resolution screen in huge letters in the color white on the black screen for greater contrast. This along with the fact that no abbreviations are used, make it much easier to use and understand for those who really need it. However, where the American Lifetime day clock falls behind is with its alarms. While they do act as really good medication reminders, they may be a bit bad for waking up in the morning or something else as you get no snooze options. For snoozing options, the Travelway Home LED Digital Alarm Clock might just be a better option.

While the screen itself is very large and offers easy visibility, it also comes with automatic dimming capabilities, which although helpful aren’t upto the par according to many amazon reviews. And so, if that is something that greatly matters to you, the LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock is an amazing alarm clock offering upto 20 different brightness settings on it’s already attractive sun design. The American Lifetime Clock also stands out with it’s language compatibility, offering 8 options from English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Welsh.


Measuring to be 6.75 inches (H) x 8.5 inches (W) x 1.0 inches (L) and weighing around 1.2 pounds, the American Lifetime Clock isn’t the most compact, nor the lightest digital alarm clock out there. But being easy to keep on your table and meant to be large enough for the people who have sight issues, the American Lifetime Clock rather stands out with the appealing large display and letters.

Moreover, it is shaped like a frame with a white on black design which gives a greater contrast for seeing clearly from afar. Another digital alarm clock with the white on black design is the USCCE Small LED Digital Alarm Clock. But with the number of options of colour on the frame, you could just get an additional decoration to your home ranging from a White, Black, Brushed Black, Gold, Wood or even a Mahogany frame colour.

And as an added plus point, the packaging doesn’t contain any form of demotivating message regarding Alzhemers or Dementia making it a great gift for your aged loved ones, who will greatly benefit from it. Lastly, the cable which you have to connect may however interfere with plans to hang it on the wall.


Costing you a price starting from $30, varying slightly depending on the color, the American Lifetime Clock is among the more expensive of digital alarm clocks out there. However, considering the fact that the device is meant to help out your loved ones, benefitting both their daily routines and health, it is surely worth the price. You can look for cheaper options like the Mpow Digital Alarm clock, but with a large display, an excellent customer service based in the United States, and the fact that 10% of profits are sent to charity, the American Lifetime Clock is simply a great clock with a greatly understandable price. On a side note, as some customers have reported facing an issue with the battery running out faster than it should, do contact the customer service to receive a compensation of some sort if it happens to you.

American Lifetime Clock Wrap Up

While it may not be the cheapest alarm clock out there, or the one with the most appealing design, the American Lifetime Clock does serve its purpose with a large screen paired with large and easy to understand letters. The high resolution screen does come with a decent amount of dimming capabilities and with the 5 easy to set alarm options throughout the day, despite no snoozing function, the American Lifetime Clock serves as a great help to you and your loved ones who have a hard time keeping track of time.

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