For those not keeping up on the AmazonBasics brand, it’s a series of extra low-cost products Amazon offers as an alternative to pricier supplies or devices. They even offer some of the best soundbars.

They tend to be bare bones products with simplified designs and no extra features, but they do exactly what is intended and usually cost less than other options. That makes AmazonBasics an ideal choice to stock an office or purchase a quick solution when money is tight. That brings to the AmazonBasics sound bar.

We’ve examined the some of the best sound bars of 2018, and they are an impressive bunch. They offer wireless connections, Dolby Atmos support for high quality sound, extra subwoofers, and a full set of internal speakers that can rival many surround sound systems. If you are short on space but don’t want to sacrifice sound quality, a sound bar is the way to go.

However, they also cost money, ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars based on the desired setup, which puts these sound bars beyond the reach of many. That’s why the AmazonBasics sound bar is a welcome alternative – and includes more features than you might expect based on the $95 price.


AmazonBasics Sound Bar 2
The AmazonBasics sound bar includes Bluetooth.

This 2.1 channel sound bar has a built-in subwoofer and 92dB stereo speakers. It’s compatible with Bluetooth so you can connect the sound bar to other mobile devices to play music, etc. It even includes three different sound modes for Standard viewing, News, and watching Movies (plus a remote control to switch between them).

All this is bundled up in a bar that’s 31.5 inches long and only a couple inches high. It also comes with mounting hardware if you prefer to install it on the wall above your TV. A less expensive version without the subwoofer is available, but at these low costs we suggest going for the subwoofer anyway.

It’s always important to pay attention to your connections, so before you buy make sure that you have an ideal setup: The AmazonBasics sound bar includes an optical audio cable, which is by far the preferred method of connecting it, but you’ll need a device with an optical audio port to make it work.

An RCA audio cable and auxiliary 3.5mm audio cable are also included, but these will greatly diminish your audio experience. Fortunately, most set-top boxes and consoles support optical audio these days.

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