AmazonBasics Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

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Updated July 6, 2022
75 Expert Rating

Not everyone wants the jagged lines gaming keyboards often have or dozens of additional buttons, if they can help it. If you’re someone who prefers functionality over everything, and needs a keyboard and mouse, then you might be interested in the AmazonBasics Keyboard and Mouse Combo. It could be the best keyboard and mouse on a budget.

Why We Like It – AmazonBasics Keyboard and Mouse Combo

A functioning keyboard and mouse completely untethered from wires, with a 2.4GHz connection to keep things running smoothly—all for a deep bargain price.

  • Keys are quiet
  • Bundles together a mouse and keyboard
  • Affordable
  • Painfully basic
  • Cheap build quality


When it came to performance, the AmazonBasics Keyboard and Mouse Combo didn’t impress us all that much. One notable positive was how quiet it is. If you sit in an office, and want to reduce noise pollution, this is a fairly quiet keyboard. You won’t be bothering your coworkers all too often. Both the keyboard and mouse use a 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, which is solid. Bluetooth would’ve been better, but we took what we could get.

If you could simplify its performance, it would be this: it functions. For something with a little more flavor, consider the Logitech K400. It’s still affordable and feels more comfortable in the hands.


After giving the AmazonBasics Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo a good look at the US layout, we came to one simple conclusion: it’s painfully basic. This extends to the build quality as well, which is fairly cheap. Cuts were clearly made with the materials.. How else could they charge so little? It isn’t very large, however, with the keyboard having dimensions of 17.7 x 5.6 x 0.9 inches, so it’ll fit just fine on a small desk. The optical mouse is basic too, with only left, right, and mouse wheel buttons, though make sure to keep batteries on hand.


Now let’s talk value. Who is this for exactly? It’s tough to pinpoint, but if you’re someone who desperately needs a keyboard and mouse, a pair that simply function, then you’ll find plenty of value here. On the other hand, this could be a child’s first keyboard and mouse combo; it isn’t expensive, unlike the Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, and if it breaks, you don’t lose much. But for gaming? Not so much. You’ll want the Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard, with a great gaming mouse to compliment.

AmazonBasics Keyboard and Mouse Combo Wrap Up

Quick and easy combinations like the AmazonBasics Keyboard and Mouse Combo do have some appeal in specific circumstances. It will not win any awards with performance, and sure isn’t high quality. However, it’s affordable—so someone who simply needs a keyboard and mouse for the sake of function will want this.

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