AmazonBasics Classic Leather Office Desk Guest Chair Review

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Updated July 6, 2022

Anyone looking for a simple, elegant and well designed guest chair will find it very difficult to ignore the AmazonBasics Classic Leather office chair once they lay their eyes on it. The office desk chair has got black bonded leather upholstery on its arms, back and seat cushion, making it very comfortable to sit on, and it’s also very good looking. We feel like it easily takes first place as the best office chair without wheels, and once you get to the end of this review, you might just agree.

Why We Like It – AmazonBasics Classic Leather Office Desk Guest Chair

The AmazonBasics Classic Leather Office Desk Guest Chair is one that you can use in your office, home or even your workspace that adds a touch of class and elegance regardless of setting. The sturdy guest chair provides a cost friendly option to other highly priced alternatives, and is built on a durable metal frame black that will guarantee a long term of use.

  • Elegant style
  • 250 pound weight capacity
  • Padded armrests
  • Non-adjustable


There’s no real form of lumbar support on this AmazonBasics office chair, but the chair’s back does concentrate on your mid back region where if you lean back, you’ll be able to keep your back nice and straight. The OFM Essentials Collection Bonded Leather Executive Side Chair on the other hand has a backrest that is more towards your lower back, but it does happen to be slightly wider than the AmazonBasics leather office chair, making it more accommodative of users with a larger frame.


The soft leather padding you’ll get on the seat and backrest of this classic leather office desk chair from Amazon makes it very nice and comfy to sit on, making it perfect for those times you have long work days at the office, and you have a guest with you. The Office Factor Reception Guest Chairs however makes a strong case as a competitor because of its high mesh back, but the two actually share padded armrests, which make it easy to rest your elbows whenever you need to.


As a chair that doesn’t have any tilting mechanism or even a pneumatic gas lift, there’s not much that you can do to it in terms of making adjustments. You’ll just have to use it as it is, but as a leather office chair that’s meant for your guests and not as a primary chair, the lack of extra adjustability options shouldn’t get you worried too much.


If one of the main things that you’re going for as you buy a breathing chair is good breathability, then you’re better off buying one that’s got a mesh back like the Flash Furniture Black Mesh Sled Base Side Reception Chair. The only thing that it’s got that makes it better than the AmazonBasics office desk guest chair is the mesh fabric on the back seat, and this allows for good airflow whenever you or your guest need to sit down and talk or work for long hours.


The AmazonBasics leather office desk guest chair has a 250 pound weight capacity, which means the average adult should be able to use it without worrying about whether or not it’ll be able to accommodate them.

AmazonBasics Classic Leather Office Desk Guest Chair Wrap Up

AmazonBasics is known to offer worthwhile alternatives to a good number of the products that you’ll find on their website, so you should rest assured that their classic leather office guest chair black in color, is a good product. Hop on over to their site and make your order today.

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