If you’re the sort of Amazon fan who loves all their products – or you’re just looking for a cheap pair of dependable earbuds – then you may want to check out the Amazon Premium Headphones.

These black in-ear phones have dropped to $19 (at least for now), making them some of the most affordable in their class. Now, if you already have a Fire phone, a Kindle Fire, or almost anything else with the word Fire in it, then chances are good that you already have a pair of these. If not, you can easily buy them separately. If you have the money to spend on a nicer pair, check out our JVC HA-NCX78 multi noise canceling earBuds review.

The Amazon Premium Headphones add a few functionality features that you may appreciate, especially if you hate tangles. They have magnetic earbuds and a flat cord design that prevents knots and tangles, even when using them for physical activity or stuffing them into a pocket. The two earbuds snap onto each other when you are not using them, helping you keep everything straight and tidy. They also have a mic and on-the-wire controls for taking phone calls or adjusting music on the go.

The sound is…about what you would expect from basic earbuds. The ergonomic earbud design may be a bit more comfortable than the average “included with” brand headphones (looking at you here, Apple), but don’t expect dizzying heights of audio fidelity. There’s no noise cancellation or extra boosting features.

However, with that price you are still getting a great deal on replacement earbuds, especially considering that the similar Apple EarPods with a mic are $10 more.

Tyler Lacoma

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