Amazon Announces Kindle Fire HDX, Claims Fastest 7 inch Tablet on Market


Yesterday, September 24th Amazon chose to unveil their latest challenge to the iPad’s dominance in the tablet market in Seattle Washington. Considering the choice of local and the hardware they exhibited, Amazon may not be focusing their sights solely onto Apple, but may be attempting to divert attention from Microsoft’s new Surface 2 Tablets as well.

The new tablet, dubbed the Kindle HDX looks impressive. Weighing in at either 13.2 ounces for the base model, 13.5 ounces for the one the go- cellular model and flaunting an impressive 8.9 inch display, Amazon’s latest tablet is not only bigger, but somehow lighter than its precursor.

They’re also making bold claims that the HDX contains the fastest processor installed in a 7 inch tablet. We say bold because while the HDX will have the impressive 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, so will Microsoft’s Surface 2, except Microsoft’s option will be tied with the Tegra 4. Regarless of who ends up on top, the processor is ridiculously swift and a decent jump for a tablet.

Add to that, a crystal clear resolution of 2560 by 1600 and a PPI of 339 and there’s little doubt that this thing will keep your eyes magnetically glues to its screen as you’ll no doubt be using it to stream from Amazon Prime.

If you are planning on using the Kindle HDX for video streaming, you won’t likely have to concern yourself with keeping it powered up. Amazon claims that the HDX will provide 12 hours of mixed use or 18 hours of eBook reading time without needing a charge. You can almost watch the Original Trilogy straight through with that type of power retention.

Amazon is giving the impression that they expect to reign in a large amount of new users who are unfamiliar with tablets by incorporating a feature they’re calling ‘Mayday’. Mayday will grant users access to Amazon’s vast Customer Service infrastructure by presenting them with a tiny video window displaying helpers that will explain new features and troubleshoot issues while guiding them through scribbles on-screen.


To help secure the perception that the new Kindle HDX is not only a competitor, but a contender to iDevices everywhere, the new Tablet includes an 8 MP rear camera to aid you in looking like this guy. We don’t have any detailed info on the front facing camera, other than its existence, so we can’t tell you how clear you’ll look while Skyping with friends. Sorry.

The Kindle HDX will come with a modified version of Google’s Android, meaning you won’t get access to Google’s Play store. Instead, you’ll have to work with Amazon’s store which isn’t as robust as the competition, but does have all the major app releases available.

The Kindle HDX will begin shipping on Friday, November 7th and depending on the storage space comes with varying price points. If you want 16 gigabytes of storage it’s going to cost you $379, step up to 32 GB and you’re at $429. I figure, if you’re willing to drop $430, you may as well, spend $479 and go with the 64 GB model. If you’re an on-the-go type and don’t spend a lot of time around Wi-Fi, and $100 to each for versions with 4G LTE cellular data access so you can browse/stream while you… whatever it is you do.

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