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Amazer Heavy Combination Bicycle Theft Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Amazer Heavy Combination Bicycle Theft U Lock has all the expected features –U shaped shackle covered in PVC plastic to protect your bike, and a secure heavy duty lock cylinder–but at a bare-bones price. It’s not among the locks listed in the best bike lock buyer’s guide, but is nevertheless quite serviceable as a bargain level lock. If you don’t like combo locks then consider the Via Velo Bike U Lock with Cable, or if your wallet can handle it then check out the stronger-than-superman Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy-Duty Bicycle U Lock.

Why We Like It – Amazer Heavy Combination Bicycle Theft

The Amazer Heavy Combination Bicycle Theft U lock is a combination U lock with an easy to set combo, is of sufficient high quality as an anti theft deterrent, and can be had for a nominal spend. Reasonable bicycle lock protection for a very low price comparatively.

  • Hardened zinc alloy U-shackle
  • Easy to set combination
  • Dust cover hides combo tumbler
  • U-shackle is a bit short
  • No mounting bracket included


U-locks (a.k.a. D-locks) are popular among bicycle owners (although can lock up anything) because they are considered less easy to cut than a cable lock or chain lock. With the Amazer heavy duty combination U Lock there’s no key to misplace as with a key lock. Setting the combo to whatever 4 digit combination wanted is easy, but obviously if you forget what you’ve set then it’s “bricked,” i.e., unlockable to all but a select few pros. The Amazer heavy-duty combination is effective enough as an anti theft device. Its diminutive size may make some locking situations challenging. If a U-lock is not for you, then perhaps consider a chain lock or cable lock such as the Sportneer 5-digit combo chain cable bike lock or the Ndakter 4-feet combo bike lock cable. Another good cable lock is the Dsteng Bike Lock which locks with a settable combination.


If you’ve seen one U-lock you’ve pretty much seen them all. Design variations are subtle. The Amazer design is as expected. A 12mm hardened zinc alloy U-shackle is covered in 3.8mm PVC coating to prevent scratching bike frames. The locking part is cast metal underneath a seamless plastic. Opens with a push button. A dust cover over the tumbler also serves to make it less obvious that this is a combo lock. About the only thing disappointing is the size of the U-shackle that’s smaller than other U-locks in both length (6.3”) and width (3.8”). Some bikers may find that desirable (for storing), others less so (for locking options). Still enough to lock wheel-to-frame or to slotted bike racks, but more length would be useful. For a much longer U-shackle, check out the massive sized ALTOR SAF U lock.


The Amazer U-lock is bare-bones. It’s a lock plain and simple, without accessories sometimes included with other U locks. No mounting bracket and no auxiliary braided steel cable such as comes with the SIGTUNA Bike Locks-Heavy Duty U Lock for example. But, for twenty bucks Amazer gives you a serviceable lock providing reasonable protection, impervious to most cutting attempts, although unlikely able to defend against a significant brute force attack. Fine for locking your bike in a trafficked public area for limited periods, such as in front of a store or at school or in a campus setting. Probably not the best lock to secure your bike overnight on the street.

Amazer Heavy Combination Bicycle Theft Wrap Up

Overall, the Amazer Heavy Combination Bicycle Theft U Lock is good for bargain shoppers or those on tight budgets who need to protect their bicycle (or something else) during their routine day-to-day activities. It’s enough of a deterrent to thwart most casual theft or crimes of opportunity by causing potential thieves to seek easier targets.