Aluan Portable Fan For Travel Review

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Updated July 11, 2022
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The Aluan Portable Fan For Travel is a small portable fan. It may not be the best travel fan to buy, but it’s pretty much expected at its price. Still, in its class, it works reasonably well for a rechargeable portable mini fan. Read on to find out what makes it the best fan in this category.

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Why We Like It – Aluan Portable Fan For Travel

Coming with a high-speed small fan, the Aluan Portable Fan For Travel is a cheap and cute handheld fan for kids, girls, and women. It might not be one of the best multipurpose personal fans out there, but it works pretty well for make-up purposes.

  • High RPM cooling fan
  • Inbuilt DC motor
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • A pretty loud and small fan


The Aluan Portable Fan For Travel comes with a powerful DC motor that can spin the portable battery-powered small fan at up to 4000 RPM. Unlike the AceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan, the Aluan portable fan is not that great, so it can’t move as much air as you might expect from a powerful mini fan. Even then, at max settings, you can feel the air from almost a meter away. And yes, the speed of this portable personal fan is adjustable between two modes. If you need the most powerful portable fan with strong wind speed, look at the VersionTECH Mini Portable Fan.

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Unlike the Geek Aire Fan, the shape of this pocket fan is very similar to a mini camera. It’s very lightweight, and some may be concerned about kids breaking it. But the body is made of decent quality ABS plastic material. So other than a few scuffs and micro-scratches, this mini handheld fan shouldn’t show too much damage after extensive use. And this mini USB fan comes in multiple different color variants.

Noise/Sound Level

The Aluan Portable Fan For Travel is pretty loud, even at the “low” setting. It’s not at all ideal for quiet places or to use while sleeping. If you need a quiet portable desk fan, make sure to avoid it. Instead, you can go for the OPOLAR Handheld Fan.

Versatility/Modern Features

This battery-operated fan is pretty basic. No included accessory instantly converts this mini handheld fan into a portable desk fan that you can use at any place (e.g., home kitchen). You need something to prop it up. If you need an excellent portable desk fan, you can opt for the Honeywell HTF090B Fan.


You pretty much get what you pay for with the Aluan Portable Fan For Travel. It’s one of the cheapest handheld small fans you can get. It will be handy for kids, girls, and women for home and outdoor usage. The color blue variant is currently the cheapest on And if you have amazon prime, you are also going to get free shipping.

Aluan Portable Fan For Travel Wrap Up

The Aluan Portable Fan For Travel is a decent portable fan in its class. But there are way better options available if you are willing to spend more.

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