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Altwork is a Crazy Expensive, Crazy Versatile Workstation

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We’ve seen some workstations in our time, but the Altwork desk remains unique: This is a fully customizable workstation that allows you to sit or stand in whatever crazy position that you want. If it is too wild for you, there’s always our best reclining office chairs.

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The heart of the Altwork is, oddly enough, the chair. A fully reclinable, padded seat with a headrest and positionable leg supports is the center of the creation, mounted on a sliding, wheeled based. The computer stand itself is held up on its own mount, with a little surface for your keyboard and a mounting system for your monitor, too. A side mount can hold your laptop if you want to use the laptop and monitor together at the same time.

When completely put together, the ensemble allows you to sit straight up, recline with your legs up, or fully gyrate until you are lying on your back, among many other configurations. You can even swivel out the base and step up for a standing desk.

Altwork Desk Position
The Altwork lets you sit in any position you want.

The goal is to find a healthy comfortable position and look like an astronaut at the same time, but it does raise a few questions. First, the Altwork takes up a lot of room and doesn’t have any space at all for shelves, drawers, a work area, or anything like storage space – where are you supposed to put everything? Second, the screen doesn’t look well-positioned for touching – how does this work if you have a touchscreen? Third, it doesn’t look like there’s much room for cords or a computer tower, especially in the oddest configurations – where do you put those?

Those questions aside, this is certainly the most ambitious computer desk we have seen. And perhaps that’s also why the cost is so astronomical. Even with the highest preorder bonuses, you’ll have to pay $3,900 to get an Altwork desk. When it ships, it will sell for $5,900…at least, it will sell if anyone is willing to pay that much.

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