The best electric skateboard is what the pros ride. Electric skateboards aren’t exactly all that new, but this one from Altered is definitely top of the line.  Capable of achieving 19 MPH in 4 seconds, it has a 600 Watt motor that can carry riders weighing up to 225 pounds. If you’re looking for something a bit more low speed, consider the best skateboard for beginners instead.

The board itself weighs 40 pounds and is powered by a 36 volt battery.  Priced at $600, this longboard of electricity is quite the real deal.  The board even has a wireless trigger for you to control your speed with.  This whole product looks really engaging with some spectacular wipeouts just waiting to happen.  On sale now. If you need a board that’ll give you an easier time learning to ride, the Elos skateboard is a compact urban cruiser that is wide and stable with a low center of gravity.


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