Alpine Swiss Expandable Briefcase Combination Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Alpine Swiss is a company that started out by making exquisite wallets, then branched out into selling clothing shoes, sneakers and eventually, briefcases. The Alpine Swuss expandable leather briefcase is one of their more popular releases to date, and for very good reason. Designed with the classic gentleman in mind, the Alpine Swiss leather attache briefcase adds a bit of a modern touch to an otherwise dated briefcase design. It’s exterior is made out of genuine leather, and it’s inside consists of soft leather pockets that allow you to organize your stuff pretty well. This expandable leather attache briefcase takes up the third position on our best briefcase list, and if you want to know why you should include it in your best travel gear necessity, make sure you get to the end of this review.

Why We Like It – Alpine Swiss Expandable Briefcase Combination

This swiss expandable leather attache briefcase is a top notch choice for anyone that wants to stick to that classic look at the office. The briefcase dual combination locks keep everything inside secure, and since it’s expandable by 5 inches, you’ll have a briefcase that doesn’t necessarily stick to one size.

  • Genuine leather
  • Expandable
  • Dual combination locks
  • Only available in black


This expandable leather attache briefcase is a sure win for anyone that’s out for that classic, professional look. Unlike the Samsonite Classic Business Gusset Black laptop bag, it’s got two secure combination locks that help keep whatever personal item you might have inside secure, and a high quality exterior that feels great to the touch. It’s top handle is made of leatherette, and it’s interior is also lined with slight padding to make sure everything you place there sits in place well enough. The high quality genuine leather that’s used in the stitching of this briefcase gives it a very polished feel, and despite having only one compartment inside, it’ll help you keep everything well in place. If you would prefer a briefcase that has more compartments to hold your personal effects securely, you might want to consider the Brooks Brothers Filson Twill Computer Briefcase review


Inside, this Swiss expandable leather attache briefcase is quite spacious, and is actually able to expand by 5-inches should you have a lot of items that you need to fit in and carry. There are different sections that allow you to store your A4 documents, and smaller pockets that you can use to place your pens, business cards or other stationery items. If you look closely, you might notice that there are metal feet at the bottom of this attache case. As you might guess, this helps prevent the bottom side from wearing out whenever you place the case down. This is something that you certainly won’t get from the RoadPro SPC 931R Silver Aluminum Briefcase. However, if you prefer to opt for a briefcase that is both easy to carry with handles and also rolls on the floor, you should see the Ultimate Workmate Rolling Briefcase Laptop review.


This Alpine swiss expandable leather briefcase is approved by the TSA as a carry on size, and this is because its exterior measurements of 18 x 13 x 4.5 fall within the required regulations. It’s also got a secure spacious expandable interior that’s got one main compartment that can easily carry a 17-inch laptop, and this is backed by the fact that it’s interior measurements can be expanded by 1 inch. The Alpine Swiss attache briefcase dual combination lock can easily be adjusted to two different sets of three digits each for added security, and this allows you to keep everything a lot more secure compared to the Bosidu Briefcase Computer Bag Waterproof Business Messenger.

Alpine Swiss Expandable Briefcase Combination Wrap Up

If you go to the Amazon page of this Alpine Swiss genuine leather secure sleek leather briefcase, you might notice that a lot of the customer reviews that have been left there tend to praise the briefcase for its superior workmanship. Please try and have a look at them to find out what else first time customers had to say about any other product features that the briefcase has before making your order, and if you go ahead and do so as an Amazon Prime member, you might be lucky enough to get the briefcase with free shipping.