Alienware AW3420DW Review

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Updated November 7, 2022
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As our #2 choice for the best 120hz gaming monitor available today, the Alienware AW3420DW is a great option if you’re looking for a smaller responsive monitor for your favorite fast-paced games. If your current setup uses an Nvidia graphics card you’ll even benefit from the inclusion of G Sync technology on this monitor, which reduces screen tearing and stuttering for a smoother gameplay experience. You can check out our take on the best gaming monitor if you want to know how this stacks up.

Why We Like It – Alienware AW3420DW

The Alienware AW3420DW is a 34” curved gaming monitor that provides excellent picture quality by combining a resolution of 3440×1440 with G Sync technology and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. It could be a great monitor for streaming if that’s what you enjoy.

  • 34” Ultrawide Monitor
  • IPS Nano Color technology
  • 1900R Curved Display
  • Common for this screen type, IPS glow remains an issue on this gaming monitor


The AW3420DW offers a high level of performance as a gaming monitor. The 1900R monitor has a 21: 9 display with a resolution of 3440×1440 and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. It works with Nvidia G Sync technology (assuming you have an Nvidia graphics card), offers a refresh rate of 120Hz, and has a low response time of only 2ms, unlike the LG Ultragear which has a 1ms response time. With a color gamut of up to 98% DCI-P3 and viewing angles (both vertical & horizontal) of 178°, you shouldn’t have any trouble using this top PS4 Pro monitor for daily gaming no matter where you sit relative to the screen.

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Viewing Angle

As mentioned above, the Alienware AW3420DW curved gaming monitor has a viewing angle of 178° both vertically and horizontally, so you shouldn’t have any trouble seeing what’s happening on the 34″ screen (for about $100 more you can pick up the Asus ROG Strix XG438Q, which has a larger screen size of 43”). The screen is also fitting with an anti-glare coating, which doubles as a protective layer (rated at a 3H hardness). If you want to adjust the stand, you’ll be happy to know that it can be raised, lowered, tilted, and swiveled.


This monitor and stand combination is fairly sturdy overall. The monitor has a silver casing with various lights on the back, which continue down to the stand. The stand itself is very solid as it is made of metal, so it holds the monitor in place very securely and won’t allow the monitor to shake, wobble, or tip over unless you (for some reason) decide to tackle the thing. It is good that the stand is metal because unlike many other stands that utilize a three-leg setup, this stand has only two legs (though admittedly with two large feet).

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Ports & Expandability

You won’t have any trouble connecting to this monitor thanks to a wide variety of inputs. It has one HDMI port, one DirectPort, an audio out jack, one USB 3.0 upstream port, and two USB 3.0 downstream ports on the back of the monitor. On the front, there are two USB 3.0 downstream ports (with 1 x power charging) and a headphone jack. Unlike some other monitors such as the Asus ROG PG279Q, it doesn’t have any internal speakers, so you will have to use either the audio out or the headphone jack.


It’s definitely not the cheapest monitor around. We still think the AW3420DW is somewhat highly-priced at $999.99 (the AOC AGON AG493UCX 49″ Curved Immersive Gaming Monitor is another monitor you can pick up for $999.99). Of course, you are also paying for the Alienware brand name and design features, so that’s something to keep in mind. This monitor has free shipping (returns will cost extra) and is covered by the Return Policy. There are no details offered on the manufacturer warranty, so you will have to go to the Dell website to inquire about that.

Alienware AW3420DW Wrap Up

Although we think the Alienware AW3420DW is somewhat overpriced, there is no denying that it is a great smaller monitor perfect for fast-paced gaming. It also has an excellent color display and a wide variety of input/output ports, so despite the price and lack of internal speakers, the overall performance of this device is what earned it the #2 spot on our list of the best 120Hz gaming monitors.

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