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Updated June 27, 2022
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When looking for the Best Air Purifier people probably want a purifier with amazing area coverage while still being energy efficient. You’ll want to check out our Blue Pure 121 review for another energy-star-certified unit. And the Alexapure Breeze true HEPA air purifier may be that purifier. In addition to the 3 air filters, it’s also easy to clean and maintain.

Why We Like It – Alexapure Breeze

The Alexapure Breeze air purifier is an indoor air purifier that uses patented ion-cluster technology to remove airborne microbes and improve air quality without the need to use an ozone generator. It’s also very quiet despite having 5 fan speeds and the capability to purify the air in larger areas.

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  • Quiet
  • Energy efficient
  • Confusing filter indicators


Unlike the Airocide air purifier, the Alexapure Breeze air purification system consists of a carbon filter, a true HEPA filter, and a pre-filter. However, what makes this stand out from other air purifiers is how the Alexapure Breeze uses patented ion-cluster technology in its high-quality 4-stage purification process to help provide clean air. The ion-cluster technology is what kills the airborne microbes while allowing the air purifier to be energy efficient as well as very quiet.

Efficiency(room size etc.)-

The Alexapure Breeze air purifier has an area coverage of 800 square feet, having considerably less coverage than the Coway Airmega 400 air purifier, which has an area coverage of 1,560 square feet. It’s also much less than the Bissell air purifier, which can cover 1000 sq. ft. Despite the differences in coverage, both can still be used to purify a house at different speeds. This purifier is energy efficient, as it has a maximum power usage of 0.5 kilowatts-hours. It also has an auto mode that adjusts the purifier’s settings in correspondence to the air quality of the area.

Versatility (HEPA, what does it filter, odor reduction, etc.) –

Since it’s a true HEPA air purifier like the Alen BreatheSmart Flex air purifier, it can filter through a variety of air contaminants. This true HEPA filter removes allergens, bacteria, viruses, dirt, odor, and dander. The HEPA air filter is also able to help the air purifier capture 99.97% of particles as long as they are no smaller than 0.3 microns. In comparison, the Alen Breathesmart classic large room air purifier accepts particles no smaller than 0.1 microns and captures 99.99% of particles.


It weighs 12.2 lbs., which is somewhat heavy for an air purifier with its flatter design. However, some of that weight could be contributed by the ion-cluster technology. It’s much lighter compared to the Medify Air, which weighs 32 Lbs. A more portable choice would be the Autowit car air purifier, which can come in handy when taking long trips in your car.

Since it’s an air purifier, it will inevitably have weak points to allow the air to travel through it to be filtered, and the holes on the side could be big vulnerabilities.


Air purifiers have very simple designs. However, even the most seemingly simplistic designs can have features that can be added or greatly improved upon, and the construction is worth the price in this case. The three air filters and the patented ion-cluster technology are probably what contribute to the overall cost the most. The high-quality replaceable true HEPA filters and activated carbon filters can be bought as a combo pack and cost no more than about $80.

Alexapure Breeze Wrap Up

Customer reviews from the United States are mostly positive, praising the purifier for its performance, customer service, and lack of noise. However, some reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction with the filter indicators. One reviewer noticed that the indicators do more than just gauging the state of the filters, which can be confusing.

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