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The thing about picking the best breathalyzer is that you’ll always be able to have a good idea about your breath alcohol content level, and this is something that could be a lifesaver especially when you need to keep to strict doctor’s orders, or when you want to know whether you’re sober enough to do something. A good example of a professional grade breathalyzer you could go for is the AlcoMate Revo Police Caliber Fuel Cell Breathalyzer. Is it one of the Best Breathalyzers you could get? Could be, depending on what you’re looking for as your Best Personal Breathalyzer. Read along and find out whether it could be a great pick for you.

Why We Like It – Alcomate Revo

The Alcomate Revo breathalyzer is pretty much what you’ve been looking for if at all you need is reliable BAC test results. Manufactured by AK Globaltech, the unit relies on state of the art fuel cell technology, which you’ll also find being used by the Alcomate Premium. If it is your first time getting a Breathalyzer and you want one for professional and personal use, check out the Bactrack element professional breathalyzer portable review.

  • Uses PRISM sensor module that’s easy to replace
  • Compact in size
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Slightly larger than most breathalyzers


Through the use of state of the art fuel cell sensor technology, the alcomate revo breathalyzer is able to accurately detect one’s breath alcohol content level, and it doesn’t even require a lot of time to be able to do so. You’ll only need to blow into it for 4 seconds, after which it should be able to give you results almost immediately. The breathalyzer also features a prism sensor that can be easily interchanged, allowing for easy recalibration at home – something the Alcohawk Pro does not offer. For an option that is at the coast guard level, read the Alcomate premium AL7000 review.


The Alcomate Revo fuel cell breathalyzer is as large as an iphone in terms of size, and it features just one button for easy operation. The unit will easily fit into your back pocket, so you’ll be able to carry it around with utmost convenience. It’s got a 4 digit display, and this allows it to yield accurate results even when a trace amount of alcohol is detected.


You’ll need AAA batteries to get the Alcomate Revo working, and once it does, you’ll always be able to see just how much battery power it’s got through the small screen display on the front. As an advantage, you’ll never really need to charge the batteries since when they run out – all you’ll need to do is replace them.

Life Span

The fact that the Alcomate Revo relies on a combination of prism technology and fuel cell precision gives it an arguably long life span. You can expect it to last up to 1000 tests before the sensor modules need to be replaced, and just like the Alcomate Premium AL7000, you’ll easily be able to replace the sensor module at home without having to send it to the manufacturer. The replaceable sensor modules don’t cost much, and are pretty easy to replace.


Aside from being able to accurately measure your blood alcohol level, one of the best things about the Alcomate Revo Police Caliber Breathalyzer is that it’s got a prism sensor module, and this is something that even the bactrack s80 breathalyzer can’t boast of having. It’s one of the most accurate commercial breathalyzer available, and if you want to find out what using it is like, make sure you go through some customer reviews on its Amazon page.

Alcomate Revo Wrap Up

There are so many available breathalyzers in the market, and if you’ve never bought one before, it can be difficult to choose one that’s perfect for you. If this is your situation, then we would recommend going with the Alcomate Revo – it’s easy to maintain, accurate and of good build quality.

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