Alcomate Premium AL7000 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Drunk driving is a menace that a lot of countries throughout the world continue to deal with, and with dire consequences such as maiming or even death, it’s something that we all ought to take responsibility over, especially if consuming alcohol is a part of our lives. One of the ways to do this is by having the best breathalyzer at hand. The Alcomate Premium model al7000 is a good example of a blood alcohol tester that you could opt for. Whether or not it’s one of the Best Breathalyzers around depends on factors like your budget and preferences, but if you’re curious about it, then make sure you get to the end of this Best Personal Breathalyzer review.

Why We Like It – Alcomate Premium AL7000

The Alcomate Premium AL7000 is a top tier, reliable breathalyzer that uses a prism sensor to relay accurate results, and comes with an easy replace sensor panel that makes sure the readings stay as accurate as they were on day 1. Read the Alcomate revo review for a Breathalyzer that is idea for a pro-sumer or for professional testing applications.

  • Very fast warm up time of 45 Seconds
  • 4 Digit LCD display panel
  • Single button operation
  • Will require sensor replacement


The Alcomate Premium Breathalyzer relies on patented PRISM technology (pre calibrated replaceable sensor module) to offer an accurate alcohol reading, and while this might be different from the fuel cell technology that you’ll find being used by the Alcohawk Pro, it’s still pretty efficient in detecting breath alcohol levels. The technology solves the problems that come about through re-calibration, since the level of sensor degradation isn’t normally addressed. It’s pre calibrated sensor module allows for complete replacement of the sensor, thereby allowing it to carry out reliable blood alcohol tests even with long term use. To discover a breathalyzer that produces results faster than most options, read the Alcomate accucell review.


The alcomate premium al7000 breathalyzer isn’t very large in size, so you’ll be able to easily slide it into your pocket, and move around with it. The breathalyzer weighs about 3.4 ounces, which translates to about 96 grams – slightly lighter than the bactrac s80 breathalyzer. It’s only available in a silver trim, so you don’t get any other color options to consider.


Unlike the bactrac trace breathalyzer which uses two AAA batteries, you’ll have to use the larger AA batteries with the alcomate al7000. This is actually the reason why it happens to be slightly heavier than most other breathalyzers. In case the batteries run out and you’d still want to use the breathalyzer, you might be glad to hear that it also comes with a power car adapter, so you’ll be able to plug it in and get it working.

Life Span

Thanks to the use of a calibrated replaceable sensor module, the life span of the breathalyzer alcomate premium AL7000 only depends on how frequent you use it, but generally, it should be after 6-12 months of use, or 200 breath tests; whichever comes first. The use of replaceable sensor module technology ensures Day 1 accuracy, which is an advantage that you won’t get to enjoy with most regular breathalyzers.


As a breathalyzer that is US coast guard approved and also backed by the Department of Transport, you can bet that the alcomate premium al7000 delivers accurate, reliable results, and with a 4 digit read out, it’ll easily be able to detect even trace amounts of alcohol. It’s use of user replaceable sensor technology makes maintenance a breeze, and with a 45 second warm up time, it stays ready for action.

Alcomate Premium AL7000 Wrap Up

Produced by ak globaltech, the al7000 alcomate professional alcohol breathalyzer remains a very popular tool for alcohol testing. It’s PRISM sensor technology may be difficult to find with other breathalyzers, but the unit is one of the few that come with up to 5 mouthpieces to use, and this makes it a lot easier to get readings for your group of friends.

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