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Alcohol Testing nowadays is not only the preserve of law enforcement or hospital care centers. People are now becoming more conscious of their well being especially when they go out to drink, and doing so allows them to keep their blood alcohol levels under a safe minimum. The Alcomate Accucell AL9000 is one example of an advanced fuel cell breathalyzer that is sure to deliver accurate results, and is DOT approved as it passes their strict regulations. The accucell breathalyzer may not top our list of the Best Breathalyzers, but it does use highly advanced technology, and is probably the Best Personal Breathalyzer that you’ll get for $225.

Why We Like It – Alcomate Accucell

The Alcomate Accucell AL9000 is a perfect example of a breathalyzer that uses an advanced fuel cell sensor to always give you accurate readings, and also employs PRISM technology which eradicates the need for you to send the unit back to the manufacturer for recalibration.

  • Uses PRISM technology that makes it easy to recalibrate
  • Can be connected to PC
  • 4 digit read out on LCD display
  • Relatively expensive


The alcomate accucell al9000 boasts of a 3 decimal point read out, so you’ll also be able to measure Trace amounts of alcohol in your breath. Similar to the Alcohawk Pro, the breathalyzer relies on advanced fuel cell alcohol sensors to give a precise reading of between 0.000 and 0.400% with a 0.10 g dl level of accuracy. To keep it performing optimally over time, the fuel cell breathalyzer features PRISM technology, and this allows you to carry out up to 1000 tests before you need to have it recalibrated.


The alcomate al9000 isn’t any bigger than your average smartphone, so storing it in your pocket or purse shouldn’t really be an issue. The breathalyzer has only one button right below its display, and this is mainly to switch it on and get it ready for use. You’ll probably have to wait around 15 seconds before blowing into the mouthpiece, and once you start, you’ll need to do so for 4-5 seconds for it to capture the right amount of air to come up with an accurate result.


Powering the al9000 fuel cell breathalyzer is a set of two AAA batteries, and the advantage that comes with this is that you won’t have to wait around to have them charged. All you have to do when they run out is to replace them, and you’ll be good to go.

Life Span

A good thing about the alcomate accucell al9000 fuel cell breathalyzer and the Alcomate Premium AL7000 is that you’ll always be able to do any required calibration by yourself at home. This means you won’t have to send it back to the manufacturer as you would with the Bactrack S80 breathalyzer. This will allow you to do up to 1000 tests without much problems, and it’s lifespan will pretty much be as long as you can keep up with the sensor changes at home.


The one thing that sets apart the Alcomate Accucell alcohol breathalyzer from a lot of other brands in the market is the fact that you’ll be able to connect it to your windows pc through a usb pc connect kit, though this happens to be an optional purchase. The optional pc USB kit consists of a pc usb cable, and a software CD that you’ll have to install on your computer so that the test results from the accucell al9000 fuel cell breathalyzer can be saved for later.

Alcomate Accucell Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a breathalyzer that’s easy to deal with, and won’t require you to send it back to the manufacturer, then the Alcomate Accucell may be the perfect pick for you. It’s got a PRISM sensor module which can be recalibrated by the user if need be, and is backed by a 1 year warranty.

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