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Alcohawk Ultra Slim Digital Breathalyzer Review

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In the past, the best breathalyzer was only accessible by law enforcement, hospitals, or even alcohol treatment centers. But nowadays, a lot more people are taking the initiative to practice more responsible drinking by carrying around their very own breathalyzers. This helps them keep a tab on their overall well being, so that they don’t go ahead and do things they’d later on regret. If you also want to be part of this group, then one of the breathalyzers you could go for is the Alcohawk Ultra Slim Breathalyzer. Stick around, and we’ll let you know whether it’s one of the Best Breathalyzers you can get, or if it qualifies to be the Best Personal Breathalyzer for you.

Why We Like It – Alcohawk Ultra Slim Digital Breathalyzer

The Alcohawk Ultra Slim Digital Breathalyzer is a perfect example of what you should be able to rely on for tests for alcohol on your breath. The unit features a sample concentration sensor to make sure that the alcohol content in your breath is even, and also features a foldable mouthpiece to prevent ambient air from skewing the results. The Alcohawk pro review details a slightly larger alternative of the same brand.

  • Folding mouthpiece design
  • Two digit LED display
  • Comes with 3 replaceable mouthpieces
  • No test counter


Through the use of its semiconductor sensor, the alcohawk ultra slim breath alcohol tester will be able to detect blood alcohol content and relay the results with a two decimal point reading. Although it’s not as elaborate as the alcohawk pro (three decimal point reading), it’s results are still accurate. The results are displayed on its Ruby Red LED 2-digit screen, and since it’s also got an electronic airflow sensor, you’ll have to blow continuously for the air that’s deep in your lungs to get out and get tested. You can also read the Alcomate accucell review to understand what a law enforcement grade breathalyzer looks like.


As one of the smallest Alcohawk breathalyzers that you can get, the Alcohawk Ultra Slim breathalyzer is designed for portability. It weighs only about 48 grams, so it’s a lot lighter than the alcomate premium al7000. It’s small size, sleek design and ultra slim frame also allows for easy storage, so you’ll easily be able to slot it in your pocket or purse without much hassle.


You’ll need to slot in 2 AA batteries to get the Alcohawk Ultra Slim to work, and once you do, you’ll only have to press the one button on its front to get it to work. Even with the batteries it’ll still remain lightweight, and the main advantage of it using removable batteries is that you won’t have to plug it in somewhere to charge or anything.

Life Span

The lifespan of the Alcohawk Ultra Slim Breathalyzer depends a lot on how you’ll use it, but typically, expect it to last a good 3 to 5 years before you’ll need to get another one. Its build quality however is top tier, so it should be able to withstand a couple of drops without breaking apart.


One thing that stands out with both the Alcohawk Slim and the Alcohawk Ultra Slim is their folding mouthpiece design. This kind of mouthpiece minimizes the amount of ambient air that might tamper with the test, giving you accurate results whenever you blow into it. While the bactrack s80 breathalyzer comes with only 3 mouthpieces, the Alcohawk Ultra Slim variant features up to 6 mouthpieces, allowing you to easily share the device with friends on a night out.

Alcohawk Ultra Slim Digital Breathalyzer Wrap Up

With electronic sensor recognition to make sure that you continuously blow through the Alcohawk Ultra Slim’s mouthpiece, you’ll always be able to blow in a decent amount of air, and this allows for even more accurate test sample results.