Alarm Sounding Beach Safe Keeps Your Valuables Protected

Alarm Sounding Beach Safe

Summer is all about heading to the pool or beach to cool off from the heat and that means packing up your bag with loads of things you’ll need for fun day in the sun. But once you get to your destination, the problem then becomes who is going to take care of all of your stuff while you’re out in the water? If you have the Alarm Sounding Beach Safe from Hammacher Schlemmer, then you won’t have to worry about that!

You’ll be able to have worry-free fun in the water with the safe that will sound a piercing alarm when the security cable is cut. No one will be able to take your belongings and get away with it since you can easily hear the alarm if anyone tries to get your stuff. The lightweight vault can bind to a bench, umbrella or other fixed object with a 2′ steel cable, while any attempt to snip this line results in a 110-decibel alarm, which is as loud as a chainsaw. It also has an LED light that flashes when the safe is locked, and the battery compartment cannot be accessed unless the storage drawer is unlocked. It also comes with a deep drawer slides out of the safe’s durable exterior casing to reveal 190″ cu. for securing cell phones, wallets, cameras, keys and other personal items, while a top tray holds and protects an iPad, as well as small, fragile possessions such as jewelry. All it needs to work is a one 9-volt battery. Get the safe for $49.95.

Beach Safe

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