Akyta HD Pro Webcam 1080p Review

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Updated October 7, 2022
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If you’re on the market for a hard-to-pass bundle, the best webcam for Chromebook is the Akyta HD Pro Webcam 1080p. Unboxing it reveals a fair 1080p webcam, along with extra goodies like a privacy shutter and tripod. This all comes to your doorstep for just $20! Where else are you getting a better deal?

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Why We Like It – Akyta HD Pro Webcam 1080p

A fair choice for those needing a webcam that’s friendly with a wide variety, the Akyta HD Pro Webcam 1080p is recognized by Zoom, Twitch OBS, and even Android TV. However, if you are more of a vlogger than a streamer, you can check out our list of the top webcams for vlogging. Additionally, if you make a lot of video calls, we also have a list of the best webcams for Skype.

  • 110-degree wide-angle
  • Bundles w/ privacy shutter & tripod
  • Friendly w/ software
  • Bit too much “fish-eye” effect
  • Poor color control

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Type, Lens, Size & Weight

Adding a bit of quality and durability to the build, this USB webcam was fitted with a glass lens instead of plastic. Akyta also made a very smart decision by bundling a privacy shutter for protection and obvious reasons.

Resolution & Display

Capturing in 1080p and 30fps, the Akyta HD Streaming Webcam matches its competition in making video play fluently. Couple that with low light correction, and you’ve got yourself a fine recording web camera USB for video conferences and streaming. However, there’s a bit too much of a “fish-eye” effect going on, likely due to its wide, 110-degree angle. And color control can be wonky when paired with a green screen. No such issue with the Logitech Brio 4K.

Tripod & Image Stability

On one hand, the bundled tripod is better than the clip-on design, but the tripod can be a bit flimsy. Rather than use stiff legs, it has these noodle-like appendages that bend. You’ll have to spend some time fiddling to get the legs right.

Optical Zoom, Microphone, Audio & Storage

The Akyta PC Laptop Desktop Computer Camera PC Webcam does not have optical zoom or internal storage. Its mic, however, has noise reduction but fails to be anywhere close to the omnidirectional mics on the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920.


Is the Akyta HD Pro Webcam 1080p worth buying? Dropping $20 sounds too good to be true. You get everything advertised, it’s just that it’s all low quality and from a company, you probably don’t recognize. Yes, it’s a decent webcam, but you’re better off trusting an established brand like the Logitech C615. Also, you can check out our list of the top Logitech webcams.

Akyta HD Pro Webcam 1080p Wrap Up

For those sitting too close to the USB camera, the Akyta HD Pro Webcam 1080p isn’t for you. There’s a bit too much fish eye for that, not to mention poor color control. What it can do for you is be very friendly to the software you’re using. It even comes with a tripod and privacy shutter, which is pretty great for $20!  And for another budget option, you can check out the Ausdom 640 webcam that also does 1080p. And if this is your first time using an external webcam, be sure to read our article if you are wondering how to turn on your webcam microphone.